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The promotional efforts of car insurers to put a tooth, because until the termination date on November 30, 2012 There is even only a few days. But beware of the promises of the current car insurance commercial: All concrete communicated insurance contributions are only valid for any sample cases.
In magazines, in the mail, television, radio or Internet can currently advertising for car insurance deal, want to move the willing to change motorists to switch. Main argument is often the price savings. The reason for this is, of course, that most motorists usually want only change to save money. If a car insurance now advertises its low rates and maybe even names specific numbers, but these are to be treated with extreme caution. Mostly, anyway, the word "from" wrong. For advertising to promote informed that it can also be expensive. Who but only fleetingly perceive the advertising, the word can easily be overlooked "from" - and already dreaming of what he can start everything with the money saved. But when it comes to a concrete offer of car insurance, the world looks very different. Monthly contributions for automobile liability and, if appropriate insurance often fall from higher than expected.
Luckily, there are, however, Internet sites where you are in themselves all rest can calculate with a comparison computer first, which car insurance is best for your own circumstances. This comparison then provides concrete numbers that you can then start looking for a new insurance themselves.

I'd be interested in an insurance company, but there is still a very important question: I myself do not own a car, but I use occasionally (perhaps once every two months) the vehicle my partner or other foreign vehicles. For case of any damages with a foreign vehicle I would now like as a person who uses foreign vehicles insured. Is there an insurance policy that covers a claim with a foreign car and the damage to the other vehicle accident are also covered?
Your request to insurance coverage is understandable, but me no insurer in Germany is known that offers such protection. Third parties that you may harm a foreign vehicle are always protected by the automobile liability insurance of car owners. Since the motor vehicle liability insurance is a compulsory insurance in Germany, it is more likely not happen, that the car is not insured.
If you are using foreign vehicles, the insured should report the facts but in any case the respective car insurance. This may indeed result in a higher post, but then a possible damage is covered in any case. Are you not mentioned and there is a loss event, the insurance may have to repay part of the deliverables.
No matter how: Create an accident, the policyholder of the vehicle used will be upgraded and will thereby have to pay a higher contribution over the years. Either you are then so considerate and take their own initiative, the cost / differences or that person you have to privately sue. Someone who gives a car can only be protected against any costs by trying to start a document in which is clear and clearly stated that the person who borrowed the car, is responsible for all financial losses.

Well, this year's opportunity to change the car insurance for most insured is irretrievably past: Who has his current car insurance sent no notice to this day, which is probably satisfied with his current provider - or has times verpeilt it again to change the insurance and better service and / or conditions to get. But fortunately a car insurance exchange is possible not only to November 30.
The extraordinary change of car insurance is as always possible if the car insurance contributions are increased by at least 5 percent. Insured have in this case a special right of termination 30 days - regardless of the regular exchange date. So from now on always nice to post the eighth - and change, if the current insurance really demands more money and another favorable contributions and / or better performance promises.
The other possibility of termination is when to sell his old car and a new car At length. This is of course the fact that the vehicle is an important component in the insurance premium calculation. In any case: New car, new car insurance possible.
Who can change the car insurance for the reasons described above, which should be thoroughly informed about the offers on the car insurance market. A fundamental decision could equally fall at the beginning: branch or direct insurance
insurance branch are often referred to as service insurance. This is, however, not only because they maintain a branch network of offices. There you can go as an insured person and speak from person to person with his advisers. That the insurance branch are considered service insurer is apparently also the fact that many insurance branch worry about how good service should look like, so that their customers are satisfied. This is also the reason that insurance branch in service experience-comparison tests often conclude with the best reviews.
But there are also positive examples of direct insurance. When Service Value Service Test the direct insurance could HUK24 "very good" land with second place in the overall assessment. Here one cares apparently to its existing customers - and on favorable terms.
More info about car insurance, visit our independent and free car insurance comparison sites such as car insurance online . There you can also use comparison calculator to determine the individual savings.
Update 01.12.2011: After a thorough additional search, we point out that an error has crept in the text. In a tariff increase in car insurance a change is always possible - regardless of how high the change fails. Thanks for the hint, Mrs. Newman of the HUK-Coburg!

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