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Important value in determining the car insurance contribution is the so-called "regional level". Here, a region is risk of damage is assigned. Largest phenomenon is the difference between rural and urban regions.
For car insurance, there are a total of 12 regional classes. These are simply numbered only 1-12. The regional Class 1 designates regions that are characterized by a low frequency of claims. The Regional Class 12 applies to regions with the highest injury rate in Germany.
Regional Class 12 seems to occur according to the GDV overview map of the German regional classes only in Berlin. The German capital is therefore the most dangerous patch, at least in terms of motor vehicle liability cases. All other regional classes occur everywhere in Germany.
The Regional classes are determined as of October 1 of each year again. In this case, all claims experience of the last five years are evaluated. If the insurance premiums increased due to changes in regional classes that car insurance can be terminated.
Many motorists try to register their vehicle in a rural area, as the Regional Classes are there usually cheaper.

Motorists who wish to switch their car insurance should not wait too long. Vehicle insurance must be terminated by the end of November, so the insurance exchange at the beginning of next year can be carried out. While still remain a few weeks to look around on the market, but should not wait too long you. Those wishing to change or at least want to check its possibilities, is well advised to go now to collective search.
Again and again it should be noted that care is taken almost exclusively on the amount of the insurance premium in the conduct of insurance comparisons. However, this approach is not very clever. A good car insurance is namely to recognize the fact that it convinces with a low post with a good insurance coverage. Potential changers are therefore well advised to consider the insurance comparison, as it is with the benefits of each plan. In this context it should be mentioned that one should not only pay attention to the collective achievements. It is even better to make basic idea about which protection is desired at all is.
There are, for example, many policyholders who hold to the damage waiver very long. However, comprehensive insurance rates are considered relatively expensive. Depending on the age of the vehicle or its residual value, it may well be worth considering to switch from comprehensive cover to partial cover insurance protection. In this way it may be possible to achieve an impressive contribution savings. How to cut individual insurers in relation to the contributions varies widely depending on coverage. An insurer that is favorable to the comprehensive rates may be expensive at partial coverage rates. Therefore, it is recommended to perform each separate insurance comparisons, to thus determine the best fares can.

The current grading of claims bonuses within the car insurance is valid for ten years. As the General Association of German Insurers (GDV) has announced that the existing standard discount is to be replaced as early as next year from a revised graduation.
The new rebate scale was designed so that especially novice driver and car drivers who drive accident-free for many years go, to benefit from lower insurance premiums. License holders to benefit from a limitation of the discount. To date, the Off-claims class zero can be up to 200 percent - thus from the discount a heavy contribution surcharge will. A compression of discount provides that novice drivers can get into the car insurance much cheaper.
At the low discounts should an extension be made ​​back down. Policyholders who drive accident-free for 25 years or longer, may yet get to enjoy a no-claims discount of 30 percent. The new standard discount provides that a no-claims discount of up to 25 percent is possible.
The new rebate scale is, however, not immediately and not automatically apply to all insurers. Many insurance companies want to hold back next year once. One of the first insurers to adapt its claims bonuses next year, is the alliance. The same applies to the HUK Coburg, which also makes a change at the beginning of next year.
however, the new discount levels to apply only to newly concluded insurance contracts. The existing car insurance rates so everything will remain the same. Whether it is worth switching to a different tariff under the new standard discount, you will need to identify each individual by insurance comparison.

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