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In the newspaper report, the basics of car insurance exchange are shown. Most car insurance policies can be canceled only once a year. Date for this is November 30, 2011 On this day the written notice of the recent car insurance at the current insurance companies must be received. If you have done this, you can be in the new year with a new car insurance go.
But at what car insurance should I change? The article pointed out that there are now over 100 vendors of motor vehicle liability insurance, collision damage waiver and third party insurance. If you want to change, so you are spoiled for choice.
Valuable help provide car insurance portals on the Internet, if you can be sure that these are neutral and independent. Heard a car insurance website not to an insurance company, you can use information and online car insurance comparison calculator carefree.
In the Tagesspiegel report also points out this issue of the independence of comparison portals. Some portals namely, insurance companies are in the same boat. Some comparison calculator results appear as in a questionable light in terms of neutrality.

The Internet pages of Allsecur and AXA, we have more precisely viewed recently - now the current Internet campaigns of car insurers DEVK and DA-Direct is your turn. It looks at how they communicate the current topic car insurance exchange, November 30, 2011, and customer value.
On the website of DEVK you are greeted by a car insurance case. The photo shows a smiling driver who is probably drove his accident on a parking limit - and it has demolished his car quite a bit. ., But that does not matter - we are to understand - because he has completed a DEVK car insurance
over the box is the headline: "Our recommendation for you: The car insurance with Satisfaction Guarantee". Satisfaction Guarantee DEVK is then also communicates with the main three components: "regulating your hull damage within three working days", "DEVK Parkschadenschutz® ​​for cars" and "strong performances - low rates". Clicking on the campaign theme, you end up equal in offering computer car. DEVK which still has other offerings in its portfolio, then, have made ​​the subject car insurance in the focus of their website. Here, we focus on a service and value proposition. The price is only incidental. An indication of the date 30.11.2011 it does not exist yet.
Turning to the current Internet campaign of DA-direct. On the home you are greeted by a field of action in which a crash test dummy indicating the heading "motor vehicle liability and fully comprehensive from 99 euros a year". In addition, three further action boxes are shown: "Calculate contribution", "Change to 30.11. to the DA direct-professionals "-., and a raffle will be drawn at the 20,600-euro-Voucher
is Artisan something awkward that you land on each box click on the same window in which then the contribution of computers and the raffle participation simultaneously be communicated. So there you end up also, if you click on the "Change" button. Here I would have expected a statement on direct DA professionals. Otherwise, the subject car insurance exchange is communicated - with the focus cost reduction.

What are the car insurance companies to attract willing to change motorists to 30.11.2011 for themselves? Here the third contribution comes to the current Internet campaigns, car insurance. This time it's all about the deals from EUROPE, casualty and HUK24.
The euro seems to be in crisis and also car insurance EUROPE does not make it easy willing to change drivers. Because if you call the website, absolutely does not indicate that this insurance company dealt with the subject change the car insurance.
Topping the side EUROPA busy with the title theme "The best protection for your family." This topic car insurance is discussed below. Under the heading "First save, then start" and the note "for example, only 5.90 euros a month" presents EUROPA as a cheap car insurance.
A click on the Action field leads to a car insurance site that promises that with a car insurance of can save EUROPA without exerting yourself. However, one must currently some effort to find the posts of this insurance to the current issue insurance exchange.
If one goes to the website of the casualty, you will be greeted by a friendly smiling driver who also still bears the famous casualty shield. The headline is clearly directed to the bargain hunters among wishing to switch from "auto insurance" and "your car insurance cheap". You click on the button "Calculate contribution", you land on a car insurance calculator. It will offer no further information. A decision support, this is rather uncomfortable.
A bit different it looks when you go on the front page of HUK24. However, here too the subject car insurance is not the title theme, which deals with the guaranteed interest rate. After all, car insurance is relatively far up top. The motto is "date 30.11.2011". However, among them, only the prompt, switch to low HUK24 you .Klickt to "offer Calculate" to get to a page with more information on the services of HUK24. Here there is therefore a bit concerned with the subject of car insurance exchange, sees but probably not as the main theme.

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