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The car insurer AXA has questioned 1,024 German motorists on stress at the wheel. "Surprising" conclusion: stress behind the wheel can make even the most skilled drivers. Against the possible consequences of stress-related accidents protects a reliable insurance protection.
The 1,024 surveyed German drivers over 18 years gave willingly wide information about what they charged in the cold season the most. 53% of respondents said that they do not like to sit during heavy rain, snow and ice behind the wheel. Only 17% do not like to drive in the dark.
Striking differences between men and women seem to be. 62% of all women surveyed feel extreme weather conditions as difficult - for men is only 44%. The darkness of the night to find women 44% uncomfortable to ride. For men, the figure is only 20%.
Were also examined standard situations such as parking, reversing, threading or starting on slopes. It turned out that this is seen by all respondents as problematic less than driving in the winter. However, there are also gender differences: women find parking to 24% as problematic (men only 8%). Reversing find only 7% of men difficult - for women are the 18%.

How to advertise car insurance in the hot car-insurance-exchange phase to motorists willing to change? A short stroll through current campaigns on the websites of auto insurance companies.
The little trip to the websites of auto insurance begins with A for AllSecur, direct insurance Allianz. There we were greeted Marten, an elaborately animated cartoon character that will probably be a raccoon. Marten has a mission: "His mission: destroy cars. His weapons:. Golf clubs, skateboards, his teeth and claws "
Marten even has its own page with sweepstakes. On the AllSecur Home Marten is part of an animation in which a car passes hisses at Marten. Thereafter, the line "With our prices no one comes afterwards. AllSecur. The cheap car insurance. "Appears. If you click "save up to 400 €! 'Button, you get to a car comparison calculator. Conclusions: Changing willing to be lured with a price savings. The competition provides additional attention.
Let us turn to the website of AXA. We are greeted by a smiling wife and two boxes. In the box is a "date November 30". In the other box is "now use exchange-chance / car insurance from AXA". If you click on the button "check now", you land on a new page.
On this page, "The benefits of car insurance from AXA" under the heading actually mentioned only the four main advantages. Among them, a box will be shown, in which the question "are you looking for the best deal?" To address the bargain hunters. But just below followed by a second box, which asks whether you wish for maximum service.
thus AXA attempts to address willing to change motorists with targeted information and win

Meanwhile, it has become common knowledge that it is worthwhile to take out car insurance online. Many insurers have now launched tariffs that are exclusively available online. Because the rates are directly closed with the insurers, can be set significantly lower contributions in this way.
However, the mere online buying insurance does not automatically lead to a favorable rate. If you want to take out a cheap car insurance with certainty, can not avoid a tariff comparison on the internet. However, the implementation of such a comparison will be done well - otherwise the favorable tariff remains perhaps in the distant future.
A problem exists in the fact that it is nearly impossible with only one comparison calculator to illuminate the entire insurance market. This is true even for the very large and reputable online comparisons for insurance. In recent days insurers such as Allianz and HUK-Coburg generated renewed headlines because they exclude from their comparison computers to each other or simply do not need to be listed at the competitors. Both insurance companies are in fact involved in large comparison computers.
Drivers who are looking for a good and above all cheap car insurance, should therefore be careful when tariff searching the Internet. In essence, it is important not only to use a comparison tool. While it may be convenient to use only one computer or enter the needed frame data only once, but the market will not fully lit with high probability.
The more sense it is therefore equal to work with multiple comparison computers. Directly on our homepage get interested in three powerful insurance calculator, which ultimately means being able to scrutinize the market very well.

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