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Second vehicle can also have its pitfalls. For a novice driver in entering the car insurance is not necessarily favorable. Instead of a discount on the insurance premium to get it is to pay a lovely fee. Accordingly, the contribution in the early years can be relatively high measured. As a result, no direct access to the car insurance is often chosen - instead, the first car is a second car allowed the parents to thus benefit from a significantly lower contribution can.
However, this procedure poses a problem: many young drivers remain for a long time in his parents' second car insurance . In this way it has awarded the chance to give yourself a damage bonus to experience. They also are not very independent: It is not just convenient when one is early 30s and the approval of a new vehicle still needs to be done to the mother or the father.
Therefore, all new drivers are well advised as early as possible to begin to work on their own no-claims bonus. After about three years - if you are no accidents - one has a sufficient level of driving experience, which allows to enter low for most insurers. While this may mean that the damage bonus is calculated not as high as before, but you should not be bothered by it. If you drive accident-free for the next year, the financial difference is hardly noticeable.
By the way, leaving the parental car insurance does not necessarily lead to a higher contribution. Some insurance companies show very accommodating, what is the transfer of experienced claims bonus. This makes it possible to continue the insurance contract low

AXA has conducted a representative survey on car, buying a car and car insurance. And discovered: The enthusiasm for the car stops, women save when buying a car, car design is important for novice drivers - and there are large differences in the demand for hedging, which affects the degree of car insurance.
AXA reported that there were 10.5% more new cars on the streets of Germany in the first half of this year. In concrete terms, this means that since the beginning of the year, 1.62 million new cars on the road. At the same time 3.4 million used cars were sold. For AXA reveals the fact that the joy of the car is still unbroken.
Moreover, the survey found that 80% of all car buyers are looking for a cheap price and cheap running costs. Among women, these savings joy is even more pronounced with 85% a bit more. For men, this topic is only for 75% of interest. Also with regard to age, there are some differences: 85% of respondents between 30 and 49 years of age may not necessarily buy a new car, while 15% necessarily want to purchase a new car. Respondents over 60 years, looks a bit different: 28% only interested in new cars.
, the design of a car is not just interesting for all respondents. On average, 30% of respondents interested in the design of their new cars. Anyone who has not yet celebrated its 30th anniversary, is interested in 42% of the design. 25% of all women surveyed is the design of their new cars important - and 34% of all men.
The issue of car insurance was queried in the study. It turned out that the need for hedging in connection with the automobile insurance is strongly dependent on the situation. New car buyers are interested in for complete protection - Driving and young professionals are more interested in cheap posts.

It was once the German railway workers insurance fund, the majority of policyholders without a job-risk, often or usually tenured, loyal 'public servants' who also probably are decent then traveling by car.
If it is now: About 87 percent of German drivers keep control in case of damage during DEVK for "very good" or "good", then that is statistically but yet again "runterzubrechen". Because there were probably asked not all but just 1,500 insured for "Best Service-insurer". This survey by the Assekurata Solutions GmbH in Cologne in March 2011, and this then also online.
Trouble bending away!
Although 22 service insurers were examined, just DEVK achieved the top rating of "very good" only by the corresponding respondents. Which of these already had experience with the regulation, proved to be DEVK customer "of the damage survey on the workshop network up to DEVK Park Damage Protection" with 86.9 percent for all-round service of the German car insurer (the fifth largest of all) "more than satisfied "(industry average: 80.8 percent). The less, the insured must deal with handling, care and competence with a hull loss, the happier he is. This increases customer loyalty.
Can we therefore always refer to an "ethics of the insurance business"? Is there still the values ​​'durability and reliability'? - Ask yourself but in this approach the questions constantly hurt new tariff reductions in premiums for accompanying ausgeweiteter performance for insurers, policyholders and other service providers around the damage consequences? Only if a reliable claims management is offered, auto insurers can score at discount battle and price wars. If an insurer recommended namely, this may become a decisive competitive factor. Industry-but make a recommendation only for far less than half of the vehicle insured (46.8 percent). The average is clearly underneath with 41.2 percent.
Always satisfied? No!
One may for car insurance are as you want, who has a claim, annoyed. About themselves and the excess or by the excessively rapid adjustment to a liability claim by the "enemy", even if the award of the blame.
So the author has run a case that was referred by the Court of Appeal to the District Court again returned. In the case DEVK contra alliance DEVK had regulated very quickly - and the Alliance is not a Euro. This is the crash on a supermarket car park, for an accurate evidence by the court is yet to take place two years after the event.
So so far can by a permanent satisfaction guarantee, as it is to apply for DEVK damage reports in 2012, not yet spoken.
because who pays too early, causing the customer with only 'partly responsible' frustration over a higher premium ... although to further notice. It will be interesting how this is at the DEVK with the promised fuel vouchers over 30 euros, if something is not working because ...

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