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Now the car insurer would actually start giving really gas. Because: The Great termination date for car insurance moves inexorably closer. That is, willing to churn car insurance could now be achieved with matching advertisements. Has anyone had any new advertising campaigns of car insurers seen?
The German car drivers are known to be very loyal, at least when it comes to their car insurance. But now puts the annual termination date closer. Who is currently unhappy with his insurance industry, is now looking desperately for information on new car insurance. Since the car insurer would actually turn campaigns to meet these information needs.
What could be communicated in these campaigns? Often special rates are advertised, which are marked with an asterisk and an asterisk text. Because this collective nature, applies only to certain motorist groups, because car insurance tariff structure is usually extremely individualistic. It depends inter alia on what vehicle you drive, where you live, how you use the car, etc.
The approach to car insurance campaigns could be, therefore, to collect sympathy points - and possibly soft decision factors such as service, friendliness, reliability, proximity and other pluses to communicate. However, the willing to change car insurance should not change immediately, but his favored insurance undergo a check facts. This includes then, that collects information about service, achievements and experiences about a particular car insurance. Following it is advisable to carry out an online car insurance comparison to see what the fun is then likely to cost. However, the insurer could simply try to achieve these car insurance exchange Comply with sympathetic campaigns.

The online edition of the weekly magazine STERN report on car insurance offered with super discounts. The offer should relate to older drivers and novice drivers in the first place.
Under the heading "80 per cent discount to Super lure customers" reported that older drivers and novice drivers can benefit from new Off-seasons that are already partially introduced by different car insurance companies. Thus these two groups motorists could receive up to 80 percent discount for their contributions to motor vehicle liability, collision damage waiver and third party insurance. According the new relay system based on an analysis of GDV (German Insurance Industry). Offered are the new discount schemes already Allianz, Itzehoer and WGV. From October, the HDI-Gerling endorses - and in January then the HUK-Coburg.
Core of the whole are changing claims bonuses: Who accidents driving 35 years, can expect a no-claims discount of up to 80 percent. So far, 25 years were no accidents as sound barrier: the reward were a maximum of 70 per cent no-claims bonus.
changes is also available for novice drivers and driver accident. According only 20 percent would be payable on the above-mentioned insurance company - while it remains at first with other providers at the usual 45 percent surcharge.
For all car drivers who are between these two extremes, it should however be more expensive. And discount auto there is not probably. You have to either ask for his previous car insurance or change insurance companies. Since it is not to increase prices in the better positions, there is no right of extraordinary termination.
Must also be terminated here until 30 November 2011 and before should of course a car insurance online are performed compared to determine the best provider.

Tailor-made and laced to customer packets versus the same: To make the car insurance as individual as possible, more and more companies on the modular principle. A solid base with the essential properties that have any auto insurance should have at least must or can, be supplemented in this way as you desire. This modular system is now also in the treaties of the HDI Direkt Versicherung AG and HDI-Gerling companies and private insurance AG used.
The collective motor-Plus allows customers to select services that are deemed necessary. At the same time unnecessary content and thus an expensive over-insurance priori be excluded. This enables customers to keep a complete overview of their insurance coverage, the company said in a press release. The building blocks that are in the collective motor-Plus to choose from, include the driver-protection, the discount protection, mobility, protection, traffic legal protection insurance and "the hull service with a nationwide network of certified partners workshops".
Policyholders who want a new price compensation of 24 months at a total loss and twelve months for theft (for used cars there are twelve respectively six months purchase price compensation) should decide on the block "Premium Protection". "For drivers who place high demands on their insurance, completes the power block premium protection to individual car insurance protection from" the HDI-Gerling companies and Privat Versicherung AG. The Group also works with the new-claims Season 35 That is: Who will reach the claims category 35, pays only 20 percent of the basic contribution. Novice drivers also benefit. You could save almost 200 euros thanks to the new season, so HDI.

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As license newcomers can save on car insurance
Who has just made his license and now buys a car for the first time must expect to have to pay extremely much money on his car insurance. The reason is that novice drivers are classified in a special claims category, because the statistics show that it has a particularly many accidents just starting out and cause damage.
While there is recently only to a penalty charge of 20% - but more expensive than for experienced drivers car insurance for new drivers is definitely. Therefore it makes sense to deal with the issue of how license newcomers can still go cheaper.
A popular way to keep auto insurance costs as low as possible, the registration of the new vehicle of the parents as a second car. The vehicle will not be sorted into the claims category SF0 but in the claims category of parents. And that may be cheaper accordingly. Since the insurance wants to protect yes to the classification of people into certain classes against risks, there are also a clause that prohibits the use of the second car by novice drivers. Then you have to pay up. And this is not possible with the current car insurance, you can insure your second vehicle at another insurance.
Another option to reduce the car insurance costs is to purchase the vehicle later. For who has his license for some time, pay less than the having his license for only a short time. Actually a questionable idea, not only from a safety point. For: Anyone who has no car and little driving experience accumulated after three years does have a driver's license, but zero clue how to drive. Actually, the injuries and damages are inevitable so.
Related can transfer their claims bonus years to other relatives. The issuing Related loses its favorable rating. Thus, this response makes sense only if the older relatives ceases to drive. The novice can also get transferred only so many years, as he himself possessed a driver's license.

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