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With premium increases of car insurance you have a special right of termination. Since the insurance companies have announced increases in contributions to car insurance for quite some time now should enable information to arrive in the mailbox. The car insurance that they do not increase, should actually take a special termination campaign to capture willing to change drivers. Let's see if that's so.
First we visit the website of the HUK24 because this insurance very well in ServiceValue- and DISQ test. And indeed, already on the home page, visitors are greeted with a large car insurance box. Under the motto "premium increase? Use special termination right now. Go to HUK24. "Direct insurers describes himself as" low ". The good performance in the service test is not mentioned here and on the next page. The theme "cheap car insurance" is swiped clean.
The Concordia (Branch insurance) does not deal with the issues on the home increase in contributions and special termination. Even if you click on "Motor", there is no indication on the above topics. Here is currently nothing happened. Even the good performance in service tests nothing is mentioned. Apparently, it was decided at the Concordia for nothing to be done on this topic.
In Service Value LVM insurance ended up with a "very good" on the front seats. On the home page the subject car insurance is given a big after all. The headline reads: "Just what you're looking for. LVM car insurance. Test it now price and performance. "Policyholders who want to use a special right of termination by increased contributions are not directly addressed. The headline acts only indirectly, when you see them along with the image on which a man seeking the right path on a map. Also on the next page, nothing is said about this current topic.
Visit Let's be the internal side of the provincial Rhineland, a branch insurance, which also has "very good" completed in Service Value with. Here the subjects increased contributions and special termination are also not communicated. Even if you click on the menu item motor, there is no indication. The provincial Rhineland actually advertises "generic" refers actually only that the accident must pay for the damage of the other party. Hm.

The big date for the change of car insurance is now behind us. A car insurance exchange is now only possible if the current insurance increased their contributions. Many auto insurers have announced premium increases, which of course only affect the current insured. It is therefore necessary to consider his bill thoroughly to compare with the previous year - and to change the car insurance within four weeks. What the insurance companies do currently advertising on this subject?
We surf it out to the site of the HUK-Coburg. There we are greeted by a large action box "still switch car insurance now and save" with the words. Among them are the absolute target-group-oriented phrases: "your insurance company has increased the post? Use special termination right now. To 30 days after receipt of invoice. "This is of course an absolute" 1 ". The HUK-Coburg obsolete willing to churn from exactly where they are. Perfect.
What does the DEVK on the subject? On the home page the car insurance motive is presented from the date campaign after all. The car insurance is top issue here. Unfortunately DEVK does not say anything about what might have led visitors currently on the website. No mention of "premium increase" or "special termination". Missed opportunity.
Next, the AachenMünchener's turn. The Home shows nothing on the subject. Also on the menu item Auto & Transport is offered nothing. Nothing found no customers.
The AllSecur page after all, deals with the topic Car Insurance. But that's no wonder: The AllSecur is indeed a pure car insurance. Evidence of increases in contributions from other insurance companies do not see themselves - just as on a special termination. The surprised something, because the AllSecur is in fact dependent as direct insurance on the Internet.
Visit we still Generali. This insurance also does not use the theme premium increases. In HDI24 also nothing is said about it. And at the Württemberg go to retirement.

Now they are out, the two possible price driver for car insurance: The new regional statistics class and the new class type directory are there. Thus, there are two important criteria for the insurance even classification of a vehicle. Increases a car insurance contributions now with reference to at least one of the two statistics is a special termination right.
The regular termination date (30.11.2011) for auto insurance is getting closer. Who will pay for by a change in classification of his vehicle at regional and / or type class more, but it does not have to wait until the end of November: He can use a special right of termination, because the car insurer increases the premium.
motorists switch reluctant their car insurance. Is easy for most drivers, they change when the insurance premiums are too high. At what value this occurs, probably depends on each individual. In any case, if prices increase the special termination right - within one month of the announcement.
announces But how can a car insurance? It is recommended to terminate his car insurance until you have a new insurance found. One can find them easily, if you go on an independent car insurance portal, to inform themselves and make a free online auto insurance comparison. If you have a new found suitable car insurance, they send the notice to the existing car insurance. The notice must be in writing in any case. To play it safe, you should either leave the letter in person to the insurance industry, or send by registered post.

reate The German car insurance company every year a type class directory. In this directory, all vehicles are listed, registered in Germany. The type classes are a reflection of the property and casualty balances for each car model.
Approximately 22,000 different car models are out on the streets of Germany. For each car model, the damage and accidents are determined, which are then incorporated in the official statistics. Every driver can under nachklicken which type class belongs to his vehicle. This could be interesting, because changes can also affect their own insurance.
, the whole is supervised by the General Association of German Insurers (GDV). In its press statement of GDV points out that only a third of all vehicles will be reclassified. This means that about 33 percent of all vehicles an accident and damage-related changes found.
During the MTPL the Opel Astra G Cabrio T98 / C, (2.2DTI) makes the biggest jump. He improved to four classes - and is not now sorted in the type class 21 but in the type class 17. Three classes, the Toyota Avensis Combi Skoda Fabia Combi and improved. For drivers of Renault Scénic models, Nissan Pixo and Peugeot 308, it could be expensive: You deteriorated by three type classes.
During Comprehensive, positive changes for Mercedes GLK and Audi A4 Avant, which improved by 3 or 4 classes were. Honda CR-V and Opel Astra J lost three or even five classes. In the partial coverage won Toyota Corolla Versio (2 classes) and Mercedes 220 E (3 classes). A Mercedes A 180 CDI and a Toyota RAV4 deteriorated.

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