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Shortly before 30 November 2011, the advertising of car insurance has indeed risen again felt: With advertisements, direct mail, television commercials, the Internet, etc. the car insurance companies have tried to persuade motorists to regular change of car insurance. Now the date is over - now the advertising campaigns that prompt you to change due to rate increases come.
By the end of October 2011 was everywhere strengthened reported that many car insurance companies partially plan massive tariff increases. Increases of up to 30% have been mentioned here. Of course, only existing customers are affected, their loyalty is thus not just rewards. If now the bills roll in, you should take the fun and pick out the 2010 bill, because on the new account the impact will probably not communicate.
You will certainly find there is no indication that is formulated: "Yay! You pay next year 30% more for your car insurance "car insurance companies certainly expect with the inertia of people: Before I get out looking for my old account, I would rather pay this bill here. 's Still cheap. And presto: The car insurance gets more - and the insured has less money in his pocket. Who does not interfere, where it must go really well financially.
All those who have the desire for a new car insurance that is cheaper and maybe even better the service, which should deal relatively quickly with the subject insurance exchange. For the current insurance must be terminated within one month after receipt of invoice. This does not work, the bill is due - and you go next year with his current car insurer through the area.
The schedule could look like this: employ 2 weeks with the subject of insurance exchange, collect information, compare deals and use the free insurance comparison calculator. Within a week, write the termination - and send the letter by registered post with acknowledgment of receipt. And use the fourth week to think about what you want to do with the money saved. Sounds like a good plan, right?

I have canceled my existing car insurance and am now looking for a new insurance 1.1.2012. After I looked around on comparison portals, I have come to the conclusion that for me, but rather the service and customer satisfaction plays a role. Can you recommend auto insurers that were rated by consumers as well?
The service value, an analysis and advisory firm, has tested the service quality of the car insurance this year. For the "Service Atlas Motor Insurers 2011" have a total of 3,451 customers rated their auto insurer in September in a representative according to own data online survey in which they were customers in the last six months. The rating categories consisted of eight performance dimensions. These were customer service to users, communication, and counseling as well as claims, products, cost / performance ratio and store / website with a total of 41 service characteristics. For the 25 largest auto insurers and direct insurers nine individual profiles were created.
In the overall ranking, the service Concordia got seven other providers the highest rating of "very good". This was followed by the LVM, the provincial Rhineland, HUK-Coburg, DEVK and the AachenMünchener. The direct insurer HUK24 and Allsecur also got the top grade. In the categories of customer service, consulting and communication, the LVM set against rivals through, while the Concordia was able to score in customer service and in the products category especially.
Additional information can also read.

The German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) examined the service of 10 direct insurance. It was not just about car insurance. Concealed telephone calls and e-mails the advisory competence was examined. The websites of the insurance companies have been the subject of investigations.
The result: Best direct insurers in 2011 was the Hanoverian with a grade of "good". A "Very Good" was not awarded. The runners followed CosmosDirekt and Ergo direct. After that there were several times "satisfactory" - namely, for Europe, Asstel, Direct Line, Direct Life, HUK24, DA Direct and Savings direct insurance.
In other words, DISQ evaluated the service quality of all these direct insurance on average with only satisfactory. The phones were lifted quickly, but only two of all the 10 companies surveyed answered all questions correctly. Also only "satisfactory" came out in the investigation of e-mail quality. This e-mail inquiries were answered inadequate - and they were full of spelling errors. "Good," however, the websites of the direct insurance were evaluated. All information is presented well there.
The test winner "Hanoverian" convinced the testers so that error-free, individual and understandable information was given by phone and e-mail. In general, the testers were surprised about the fact that the service quality of direct insurance is located at such a low level. After all, the communication by phone and e-mail is indeed the only form of contact that is possible for an insured. Because you should make these channels actually optimal to good to serve the customer.

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