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As the owner of a home rented out unfurnished, the law does not require you to subscribe to any insurance, however it requires you to take your financial responsibilities in these two cases:

Your property causes damage to another: for example, a tile falls off the roof and damaged a car.
Your property causes damage to the tenant: for example, due to a manufacturing defect.
Here is how to protect yourself against these events by taking out home insurance when you rent unfurnished .

Note : these covers are often referred to as a "non-occupant owner insurance."

Choosing home insurance

1. Subscribe warranty "claims by neighbors and others"
2. a "remedy tenant insurance" Subscribe
Take out "third neighbor and" guarantee TOP

The "third neighbor and" cover is actually a liability insurance which aims to compensate others when your property causes him damage .
Example : a tree falls in your garden on the roof of your neighbor after a strong gust of wind. You are responsible, not your tenant.
Watch the franchise around!
Of course, this guarantee includes a deductible is the amount that your insurer will not indemnify, whatever you pay out of your pocket.
The higher the deductible, the higher the premium is cheap, which should lead you to ask the question of the degree of risk. The more your property is new, less likely it is to cause harm to others.
In this case, you could very well guide you to the cheapest guaranteed by careful however that the reimbursement limit is sufficient to cover major damage.
Take out "remedy tenant" insurance TOP

This warranty will indemnify your tenant if a manufacturing defect causes him damage.
Example : a leaking roof causing water damage in a single rain, damaging personal property of the tenant. You're the manager.
Good to know : If your property is 10 years old or less, it is covered against defects in construction work damage insurance, underwritten by the manufacturer or seller. Disaster of this kind, you have the ability to trigger it.

Beware amounts franchise
The insurance "remedy tenant" also contains a duty to be at your expense if compensation is made ​​necessary.
Again, it should ask the question whether the risk of loss is due to a manufacturing defect or improper maintenance is important or not.
A priori, if it is, you would not be able to rent your home, and anyway an insurer will refuse.
Once your property offers all guarantees of decency, you can probably take out the cheapest warranty, even if it means a higher deductible.
Note : not to be confused with the obligatory assurance that the tenant is required to take in order to allow you to receive compensation when a disaster because it is responsible for damage to your property.

There is insurance against natural and technological disasters, each corresponding to a specific contract.

While most contracts' comprehensive home "include these two safeguards, it is your responsibility to control still appear in it indeed.

The choice is simple, because there is no franchise in a technological disaster, and the franchise is regulated by the state in the event of a natural disaster.

Note : There are 2 different guarantees each with its own specific trigger conditions. Anyway, in two cases, it is the date of publication of the decree in the Official Journal that allows the implementation of compensation.

Report a Claim

1. Subscribe household insurance
2. Calculate the amount of your deductible
3. Verify your franchise will undergo an increase
Subscribe household insurance TOP

It is very rare that insurance companies offer warranties "catastrophe" in separate contracts, so it is best to purchase insurance "comprehensive home 'including natural and technological disasters.
A contract "comprehensive home" contains several safeguards, read it back and forth and see if natural disasters and technological disasters are truly included .
Choosing home insurance
Calculate the amount of your deductible TOP

The state sets the maximum deductible amount that your insurer can not increase except in the absence of prevention plan in your area.
However, it is quite possible that some agreements apply a deductible lower than the maximum exemption in force.
On items to non-professional use
€ 1,520 deductible if the damage is caused by ground movement after rehydration or a drought.
Franchise € 380 in any other case.
Regarding the business property
The franchise will be the highest of these three amounts:
Deductible as recorded in the insurance contract.
10% of the cost of damage per school per event.
€ 1,140 or € 3,050 if the damage is due to rehydration of soil or drought.
Check if your deductible will undergo an increase TOP

This is indeed the most important because the "natural disasters" insurance includes a deductible, the amount of which can quadruple if you live in an area at risk.
See if your town has a PPRNP
The Prevention Plan foreseeable natural disasters defined building areas and non-building and the conditions of buildings in some places.
If your town has a PPRNP, the insurer can not require you to increase franchise .
Talk to the mayor and ask if there is a PPRNP, or visit the government website on information on natural hazards here and enter the name of your city.
If your town does not have PPRNP
Your insurer has the right to increase your deductible on the following scale:
Doubling the franchise if three natural disasters were recorded during the last 5 years.
Tripling of the franchise if four natural disasters were recorded during the last 5 years.
Quadrupling of the franchise if five natural disasters were recorded during the last 5 years

Home insurance: the insurance of a student housing
Questions / answers , 27/08/2014
At the start, many students who move into new housing. How do they make? To what risks? What steps should they take in case of a disaster? Presentation of the main points to be reckoned eight questions and answers.
Student Insurance | Home Insurance
Home insurance: the insurance of a student housing
During my studies, I rent an unfurnished apartment. Do I have to make sure?
I will live in shared with a friend in an unfurnished apartment. How to ensure this property?
During my studies, I live in a hostel accommodation. Insurance is mandatory?
Should I insure for accidental damage I might cause to my neighbors?
Do I have to insure my property?
What insurance policy should I purchase to be sufficiently covered?
I'm about to take out an insurance policy for my apartment. What are the things to check with the insurer?
Disaster, what should I do?
During my studies, I rent an unfurnished apartment. Do I have to make sure?

Rental risk insurance is mandatory if you are renting an unfurnished apartment. Indeed, you are responsible for maintaining your responsibilities to the owner. This mandatory insurance covers damage to the owner.

So you need insurance to cover the rental risks of fire, explosion and water damage from the insurer of your choice. You must provide proof of such insurance at the keys. Your landlord has the right to charge an insurance certificate each year. Be aware that the law allows him to include in the lease a termination clause if the tenant has not purchased insurance.

If you do not give him the insurance certificate, the owner can also take out an insurance policy for you and against you.

However, this insurance does not cover damage caused to neighbors and third parties and damage to your property.
So you have an interest in ensuring you for the damages even if these guarantees are not required.
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I will live in shared with a friend in an unfurnished apartment. How to ensure this property?

The principle is the same as when you are the sole tenant of an unfurnished apartment. Each tenant must ensure mandatory for damages to the owner.
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During my studies, I live in a hostel accommodation. Insurance is mandatory?

It is not mandatory to insure a residential home, a furnished rental or seasonal. But be aware that even if the insurance is not mandatory, you are responsible for any damage you may cause to the owner. It is best to make sure. The landlord may also ask you to ensure your rental risks without any legal obligation. We must therefore always check this in the lease.
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Should I insure for accidental damage I might cause to my neighbors?

This insurance is essential even if it is not mandatory. Know that insurers always guarantee complete tenant liability with a said neighbor and third insurance.

Warranty claims by neighbors and third covers your liability as occupier of the premises as a result of a fire, explosion or water damage will have been incurred. Know that if you are a manager of a water damage day, an explosion or a fire in your home, your neighbors or other victims can seek recourse against you.
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Do I have to insure my property?

You are not required to insure your property, even if it has some merit. In general, if you have purchased a property and casualty insurance, your belongings are covered.
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What insurance policy should I purchase to be sufficiently covered?

In practice, insurers offer residential and casualty insurance contracts covering both responsibilities and personal property of the tenant.
Included in personal property provided:
furniture (furniture, appliances, clothing ...);
embellishments that the tenant has done: paint, wallpaper, false ceilings, plant a kitchen or bathroom ...

The comprehensive home insurance always covers the following guarantees: fire, natural and technological disasters, storm, water damage and attacks. Other safeguards are optional theft, glass breakage, damage to electrical appliances. Thus, the comprehensive home insurance contract used to adapt the contract to your specific needs while multi guarantees.
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I'm about to take out an insurance policy for my apartment. What are the things to check with the insurer?

Fill precisely the proposal that is given to you by your insurer. Know that any inaccuracies in your answers, you may be less compensated, if at all.

For its part, the insurer will give you:
an information on prices and guarantees sheet;
A copy of the draft contract and its annexes or a detailed information leaflet.
With these documents, you can check out:
benefit limits (for a list of risks that are not covered, for example);
the law and the competent bodies in litigation;
triggering the guarantee for contract liability (tripping the harmful or complaint).
Feel free to ask your insurance information on preventive measures to respect for the guarantees theft or water damage play.
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Disaster, what should I do?

Disaster, you must notify your insurer within five working days.

In case of theft, this time is reduced to two working days, and many contracts require that a complaint was made to the police.

Tell him your policy number, date and nature of the loss. You should also describe the damage and whether any damage has been caused to your neighbors or the building.

If, as a result of a disaster, your landlord or neighbors look to you, send letters and, where appropriate, the assignments (which you keep photocopies) to your insurer, indicating to each address , the number of your insurance and references of loss reinsurance.

You have perhaps, in addition to your primary home, an apartment on the seafront, a house in the country or any other second home. If this is the case, know that home insurance is not mandatory. But disaster or burglary, you will not be compensated. That's why insurance habitat of a second home is essential.

Second home: the extension of the contract comprehensive home
There are different ways to ensure his second home . For example, you can extend your contract guarantees comprehensive home insurance to your main second home. In exchange for a revaluation of your insurance premium, your vacation will benefit from the same guarantees that your accommodation.

But, you can also subscribe to a specialist home insurance policy which will then offer you guarantees appropriate to a second home.

Second home: the specific contract
With the contract of insurance second home , you are covered against the major risks, namely:

Fire ,
theft ,
water damage ,
the explosion .
It is also important that your second home insurance contract has a guarantee against natural disasters . So if your property is located near the sea, you are covered in case of flooding. But if your property is located in an area at risk, your insurance company may require you to take out cover for "increased risk".

As part of an insurance contract second home, be aware that personal liability is often optional, insurers assuming that your liability is already included in your main home insurance. This allows you to pay less for your annual fee.

Second home: exclusion clauses
However, watch exclusion clauses as the indwelling clause : Beyond a number of days that the house is uninhabited, you are not covered against risks such as theft.

Finally also check the cap compensation. The amount of compensation in case of theft is, in fact, often less important for a second home as a principal residence. Feel free to upgrade the ceiling then, if you have valuables such as paintings, for example.

Second home: put the property for rent
If you want to rent your second home, it is important to be assured. As such there are three main benefits:

the unpaid rent insurance : you will be indemnified by the insurer in the event of default by the tenant.
Legal expenses insurance : in case of trouble with the tenant, you get assistance to help you in your efforts and assert your rights.
The owner insurance not dealing : with it, you will be insured in case of damage caused by the tenant, but also for damage to the tenant.
To choose the best deal for your second home, do not hesitate to establish specifications. The best way to make a maximum in minimum time remaining insurance comparator home.

The insurance student housing is for high school students and students under 26 years. Warranties and prices are adapted to their budget. Attention, even if that insurance is not required formally, there is a safe bet that you can not rent the property in question, if you do not have a contract home insurance tenant.

Student housing insurance: a summary
The only mandatory warranty guarantees against "rental insurance" and disaster caused by fire, water damage, explosion or natural disaster, the owner leases the property that you will be compensated by your insurance company. But you also get a private civil liability guarantee.

You can also subscribe to safeguards option against theft and glass breakage for example, or a legal protection insurance.

As you can see, the student housing insurance includes the same guarantees as a traditional home insurance contract, such as your parents. The main difference is the amount of the annual fee is more interesting for the students , because the type of risk is obviously different in many respects from that of the main house of a family: smaller area, no valuables, some appliances, etc.

Student housing insurance: the contract
The amount of a student home insurance premium ranges between 15 and 80 euros per year. This price varies depending on:
- for insurance coverage
- the surface of the housing
- the number of parts
- the year of construction
- the number of occupants
- safeties its disposal
- the amount of personal property to be insured
- for the location of the accommodation: some areas are considered most at risk.

Student Housing Insurance: points to consider
Be alert to exclusion clauses and the amounts of compensation including under the Theft cover, as they are often capped. Generally, for a dorm room, the ceiling is about 2000 euros. Feel free to request an extension of the home equity or a new replacement furniture especially if you have items of significant value.

Beware though, home insurance is not required as part of the rental of a well furnished. But even if it is not mandatory, it turns still possible, since in case of theft or fire, you will not be compensated for the loss of your personal belongings.

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