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HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE: Definition, Benefits, Rates, Companies?


Home insurance, essentially in one page
The following page provides an overview of the chapters and key messages covered in our guide to understanding to choose.

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Home Insurance
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Property insurance: what guarantees?
Historically, home insurance, is fire insurance. Today with a fire every two minutes in France, this warranty is causing different obligations or advice underwriting home insurance contracts.

Tenants are found responsible in case of fire where the insurance provided by the Act of July 6, 1989 obligation.

Similarly for the owners, there is no compulsory insurance, fire can destroy the heritage of a lifetime, the home insurance is a must.

Beyond the essential guarantees (qualified as "basic"), contracts differ in additional collateral option, the amount insured and deductibles.

Basic Coverage: Liability guarantees and collateral damage to property
As part of its duty to provide advice or legal obligations (yours and hers), the insurer will impose in its property and casualty contracts, "a number of basic safeguards .

Of liability coverage:

Liability is the legal obligation of a person to repair (financially) damage to another, that is to tell others that the damage or injury is - (Articles 1382 to 1386 of Civil Code).
For renters, the guarantee of Personal liability is mandatory under the occupancy of accommodation (in order to safeguard the welfare of your own disaster).
To occupy an apartment or townhouse, the warranty liability vis-à-vis neighboring and third is essential and present in all comprehensive insurance policies home.
Finally, if the liability coverage "family" is not mandatory, the financial stakes of civil liability can be so important in fact, that guarantee is present in all the main insurance contracts accommodation if it is not directly related to housing. This is the warranty that comes especially for children to day care or school or your pets.
Collateral damage to property:

Unlike liability guarantees relate yourself: the insured. The presence of these guarantees you for saving your movable heritage (landlord and tenant) and real estate (owner) upon the occurrence of various events: for example, a fire , a burglary or water damage .
These guarantees are not required for the insured. In terms of heritage protection, however, they are unavoidable.
For the insurer, under its obligation to counsel, these guarantees must be present in your contract and they are: fire, explosion, direct lightning strike, flooding, storm. The same applies to the insurer, certain safeguards must be present in your contract because of the Act even if your contract is very old: guarantees natural disasters, technological disasters (following the case AZF), acts of terrorism and assassination.
Your insurance company will compensate you if you meet the criteria outlined in your policy.

Additional guarantees of home insurance
In addition to your basic coverage, the "must" for you or your insurer, you can subscribe for additional guarantees :

guarantee of specific properties: valuables, jewelry, cash, etc. ;
guarantee against theft, glass breakage, damage to electrical equipment, etc. ;
warranty for outdoor amenities of home (pool, electric gates, water leak at the meter ...)
guarantee specific responsibility (Category 2 dog, horse ... childminder ...)
guarantee legal protection: extremely useful for settling disputes of everyday life (professional ...) because it allows you to be defended for free in case of dispute. Note however that option. A contract for legal protection also present as an insurance policy in itself. The areas of "right" is very different when the "legal protection" is an option contract housing, the actual extent of the coverage is often very different from what you expect. It is important to discuss with your insurer.
More options you choose, the higher the amount of your contributions will be.

Home insurance: compare quotes

Insured amount and deductible
Disaster, your home insurance provides compensation your victims under your different responsibilities and / or compensate for the loss of your property. To know the extent of coverage provided to "third parties" and / or the amount of your claim, you must know your level of coverage.
If you own your home property of substantial value, consider additional insurance adapted to the value of your assets.
Once you have chosen in collaboration with your insurance benefits, you must clearly define any franchises. A deductible is the amount that remains to be responsible in the event of a disaster.
Make your home according to your profile
Mandatory or essential guarantees are not the same in your profile. Similarly, you can choose to purchase additional collateral depending on your situation and your needs:

Owner not involved
Condominium owner
Student, active young
More than 50 years
Make your home by Living
Whether you own a cottage or a chalet in the mountains, tenant of a new home or a home office, your home insurance and your coverage will not be the same.

Second home : the warranty property damage and theft guarantee is essential.
New homes or recent : similar to HRM extended for 10 years guaranteed.
Luxury housing : this insurance under a single contract, provides all of your assets.
Tied housing : home insurance is not mandatory but make sure at least with personal liability.
Under construction : it all depends if you are owner (person applying for construction) or contractor (the one built). The only mandatory insurance is life insurance work for the client.
Furnished : furnished the rental insurance is not required but is highly recommended because the tenant is liable for damages caused to the property.
Garage : insurance arrangements garage depend on the characteristics of this dependence of housing, but also the type of habitat to which it is attached.
Sign, modify, terminate
Signature : to take out an insurance contract, the signature is necessary but following steps to make sure you sign a contract that suits your needs.
Change : changing your life and your insurance needs as well. You will need to change your policy according to changes in your situation.
Termination : You may terminate your policy every year before maturity, for whatever reasons, during the year in certain situations.
You have to declare a disaster such as fire, water damage, liability, theft, accident ...? You need to know some rules for your insurance compensates you.

For more information: Notice of Claim

Property insurance rates
An insurer that offers fares attractive is not necessarily a good insurer. Some reflected the decline in the amount of contributions on deductibles or even offering minimum guarantees on the basis of only warranties "must." Result: the savings you hoped to reduce to a trickle and also your future compensation.

If you exchange your home with other people during the holidays, you'll be responsible for any damage you may cause:

their real and personal property;
to movable and immovable property of their neighbors;
other natural and legal persons around.
For more information, see also our Home Exchange

Share your home with those of another family requires preparation in insurance, inexpensive preparation elsewhere.

Good to know : the principle is the same as in a furnished rental.

Buy home insurance when you rent a furnished

Here's how to buy home insurance for home exchange .

1. Reach an agreement with the other family
2. Add a clause in your home insurance policy
3. Take liability insurance for others
Reach an agreement with the other family TOP

Ideally, your family and follow the same steps their order to discharge each other of your responsibilities, you will impersonate their responsibilities and they will replace yours, just as in the case of furnished .
Invite them to add the following two clauses in their home insurance policy:
Clause " on behalf of whom it ", which represents the liability of occupiers against real and personal property of the owner insurance.
Clause " waiver ", by which the owner and the insurer agree to refrain from claiming any compensation to the occupants.
Ask for proof of insurance, namely a copy of the amendment, and send them your own evidence on your side.
Good to know : make sure that the clause "on behalf of whom it" includes coverage of personal property such as furniture, household appliances, clothing and linens.

Add a clause in your home insurance policy TOP

Contact your insurance agent and ask them to add a rider to your home insurance policy.
You do not need to provide contact information for the family that you will make a home exchange, because the terms "on behalf of whom it" and "waiver" are not registered, they s' apply to any person in your home.
Good to know : think of determining a specific time, for example, from the day the family will enter your home until one day she will leave. Not only this will ensure that you pay a small fee, but it will save you from having to cancel the clause when it does you more.

Cancel home insurance
Take liability insurance for others TOP

The guarantees "on behalf of whom it" and "waiver" are for the family that you do a home exchange, you must also make sure to others.
Subscribe liability coverage "holiday"
This "holiday" guarantee indemnify natural and legal persons to whom you could cause harm when you are away from your usual place of residence.
Make sure:
the distance from your primary residence the home you occupy is consistent with the terms of the contract;
the location of the home you occupy is consistent with the terms of the contract, eg certain guarantees "holiday" work only for metropolitan France;
the duration of the guarantee corresponds with the duration of your stay.

There is insurance against natural and technological disasters, each corresponding to a specific contract.

While most contracts' comprehensive home "include these two safeguards, it is your responsibility to control still appear in it indeed.

The choice is simple, because there is no franchise in a technological disaster, and the franchise is regulated by the state in the event of a natural disaster.

Note : There are 2 different guarantees each with its own specific trigger conditions. Anyway, in two cases, it is the date of publication of the decree in the Official Journal that allows the implementation of compensation.

Report a Claim

1. Subscribe household insurance
2. Calculate the amount of your deductible
3. Verify your franchise will undergo an increase
Subscribe household insurance TOP

It is very rare that insurance companies offer warranties "catastrophe" in separate contracts, so it is best to purchase insurance "comprehensive home 'including natural and technological disasters.
A contract "comprehensive home" contains several safeguards, read it back and forth and see if natural disasters and technological disasters are truly included .
Choosing home insurance
Calculate the amount of your deductible TOP

The state sets the maximum deductible amount that your insurer can not increase except in the absence of prevention plan in your area.
However, it is quite possible that some agreements apply a deductible lower than the maximum exemption in force.
On items to non-professional use
€ 1,520 deductible if the damage is caused by ground movement after rehydration or a drought.
Franchise € 380 in any other case.
Regarding the business property
The franchise will be the highest of these three amounts:
Deductible as recorded in the insurance contract.
10% of the cost of damage per school per event.
€ 1,140 or € 3,050 if the damage is due to rehydration of soil or drought.
Check if your deductible will undergo an increase TOP

This is indeed the most important because the "natural disasters" insurance includes a deductible, the amount of which can quadruple if you live in an area at risk.
See if your town has a PPRNP
The Prevention Plan foreseeable natural disasters defined building areas and non-building and the conditions of buildings in some places.
If your town has a PPRNP, the insurer can not require you to increase franchise .
Talk to the mayor and ask if there is a PPRNP, or visit the government website on information on natural hazards here and enter the name of your city.
If your town does not have PPRNP
Your insurer has the right to increase your deductible on the following scale:
Doubling the franchise if three natural disasters were recorded during the last 5 years.
Tripling of the franchise if four natural disasters were recorded during the last 5 years.
Quadrupling of the franchise if five natural disasters were recorded during the last 5 years.

The insurance settlement is not imposed by law, but looks like an obligation on the tenant, otherwise it has a very good chance that the owner or broker refuses to rent his property. Even in take out as much understand what you are buying. You will find everything you always wanted to know about the famous HRM.

Home Insurance tenant: the mandatory warranty
While housing is not for you, you are responsible for the rental period. Since 1986, the only guarantee is compulsory warranty "Personal liability", it focuses on the risks called "rental". So with this insurance covers you in case of fire, explosion or water damage and the owner will be compensated without having to pay anything. If the insured does not have home insurance, he shall compensate the owner himself disaster. Suffice to say ruin for 99% of French. Hence the importance of this insurance.

But this minimum warranty does not cover any damage to your personal property, or damage you may cause to a neighbor, who could be just as expensive as the damage to the condo.

In terms of the roommate , each tenant must take out a contract on his own behalf. It is the same for sub-tenants or occupants for free.

Tenant home insurance: The coverage options
It is also possible to subscribe to the policies of home insurance tenant more comprehensive, such as multi-risk home insurance, also known as HRM. So enjoy your civil liability guarantee privacy, your personal property will be covered against several risks such as theft, fire, flood, but you will also be insured against damage to neighboring units.

But you can also choose a home insurance "liability" basis and add optional guarantees as collateral "damage to property", the "legal protection" coverage or "broken windows" guarantee for the windows.

Remember that some locations are not subject to compulsory insurance from the lessee, in the case of:
- Seasonal Rentals
- Furnished
- Second homes
- Housing function.

Insurance against rental risks is therefore not yet mandatory if the tenant wants to be covered in case of damage to his own property, he will buy home insurance in parallel. Otherwise, in case of fire, it would not be compensated for the loss of furniture and other belongings. If you rent, and you own valuable jewelry, equipment therefore hi-fi, or old masters: you must take out this insurance.

Finally, note that to compare different prices and get the home insurance quote, it is possible to make a comparison on the Internet via an insurance comparison . This type of tool allows you to quickly select the policy that best suits your needs, and represent the best value for money.

Cover, for 10 years, the workmanship of a building year guarantee aims. Any company or person engaging in the construction of a building on behalf of a third party must purchase insurance called "assurance decadal "Since the law 78.12 of January 4, 1978 (Act Spinetta) to cover her professional responsibility.

Year guarantee: definition
The ten-year warranty begins upon receipt of the work by the owner or future buyer.
With the ten-year warranty, it is the responsibility of builders, architects and workers who are covered but generally that of everyone connected to the master contractor under a contract of project management. they have an obligation to support this guarantee before the start of camp.
In other words, the seller and the professionals involved in the sale and / or construction are responsible for the 10 years following receipt of the work.
If construction defect, to receive compensation, it is the insured to notify the manufacturer by sending it by registered mail with a return receipt, up to 5 days after becoming aware of the defect.

To the extent that the manufacturer is assured (and it is better for him, for sure!), It is then up to the insurer then build expertise within two months and to compensate the property owner real estate.
Warning: if the builder is not insured, it has a duty to guarantee anyway. But in general, the builder and owner disagree. A trial is therefore committed, and it usually lasts for years ... Insurance is there to speed up your compensation.

Year guarantee: what is supported
Are covered by this warranty any construction defects that jeopardize the integrity of the building, or the improper way to its destination and the facilities do not meet the safety standards. precision is important: this type of insurance has nothing to do with home insurance . never take this type of damage into account the decennial insurance can involve damage that is related to the following:

Electrical installation
the veranda
or stairs or elevators.
Year guarantee: exclusions
Know that for the owner to benefit from this guarantee, it must be noted and forwarded the statement about the defect upon receipt of the work. which case it would not be covered by the ten-year warranty.
But better for the owner to subscribe parallel to a particular work injury insurance to be covered more and receive immediate compensation. It is even theoretically required: your insurer will compensate you very quickly if something goes wrong, it turns on the insurer "ten" the manufacturer, and if there is a trial, it does not penalize the two insurers Warning It is good to know that, of course, this warranty does not support any deterioration due to lack of maintenance or normal wear.

In the same way as a car insurance or health insurance, work injury insurance or a decadal (which applies only to professionals) compares. Play the competition for the best quality / price / service. Be aware that companies are required to offer a number of benefits: Decadal biennial perfect completion of delivery. Get in touch with insurance companies through our online insurance comparison .

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