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Home insurance student, active young
For students and young working tenants or owners, insurers offer specific insurance contracts that may be interesting if you do not have a huge furniture capital ...

Home insurance student

Home insurance students or young professionals is an insurance risk home insurance arranged:

mandatory deposit: Liability home (or rental);
optional coverages specifically designed for a younger crowd;
furnished contract (including price);
eligibility criteria.

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The basic contract: property insurance casualty
The classic home insurance policy includes:
personal liability:
covers rental risks: fire, water damage, storm, hail, snow, broken windows ...;
cover damage you may be liable vis-à-vis a third (internship, babysitting ...).
warranty damage to property required by the Act:
natural disasters;
technological disasters;
acts of terrorism, attacks.
Options: specific safeguards
To protect yourself more, you can subscribe to optional coverages such as:
guarantee property damage (often with a fairly low ceiling):
Redemption new hardware (less than 2 or 3 years);
guarantee from capital;
warranty valuables (with rare ceiling in the "young" contracts).
an electrical damage warranty;
Cover your home even by prolonged (90 consecutive days) absence;
legal assistance (defense warranty and remedies);
assistance to those in France and abroad;
a flight security;
personal guarantees (personal accident), trip cancellation, capital study ...
Two types of insurance: insurance or mutual student
To ensure you have the choice between:

a conventional insurance company (Mutual without intermediary, agent, broker, bank, internet, etc.);
a student insurance: Rates are interesting but sometimes limited warranties!
A contract arranged for young
Some insurance contracts arranged offer for young people. These contracts offer:
a rebate on contributions (depending on the insurer), particularly when parents have a contract with the same insurer;
the possibility of monthly payment of contributions;
contract adjusted if roommates;
possibility of no deductible in case of compensation
Home insurance: compare quotes

Criteria for benefit
To benefit from contracts tailored to young people, you must meet the following criteria:
Age : to benefit from those specific contracts, it usually have less than 26 years (some insurers offer more rarely these assurances of any age or in one aspect of the formula "low cost").
Surface : warranties often apply for a dwelling which the surface is limited (see terms), about 40 sqm.
Compensation : refund minus depreciation often with or without deductible (they are limited to relatively small amounts).
Do not choose this insurance if the insurer's proposed capital maximum furniture seems insufficient in relation to your personal circumstances. This capital is a maximum compensation limit.

Home insurance for new homes or recent
You own or rent a home built there under 10? You can benefit from some additional guarantees with respect to a comprehensive home insurance classic.

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Extended warranties for 10 years
Regardless of your residential property and casualty contract (and therefore no additional cost), your home (or your own) has additional safeguards through the insurance obligation for manufacturers (broadly defined) to purchase warranty "work injury" . It's a bit of a "All Risks" for the building.

All disorders of the building that would result from a defect (roof leak, for example) are supported by the insurer "structural damage" and repair the cause of the damage.

Note that in houses that were not built under a contract of private home builder, warranty "structural damage" is often absent. Otherwise, ten-year warranties different trades occurred in construction but replaces the implementation of remedies is much more complex.

Home insurance: ensure the indirect fire

Home insurance: ensure the indirect fire
By Comprendrechoisir |
Fire insurance is an inseparable warranty on your home insurance policy. Major risks are insured and covered by this warranty.

Nevertheless, it is sometimes necessary to purchase extended warranty, standard or optional depending on the insurance for consequential damages.

Indirect losses from a fire
Ensure against indirect losses due to fire may be helpful:

However, some insurance policies generally provide for automatic benefits increase by about 10% for such expenses are partially covered.
Others suggest that you take this benefit as an option.
It is very advantageous when it comes to covering your expenses and non-quantifiable and indirect losses such:
costs haul
travel expenses,
waste of time
administrative costs.
When the fire causes a loss of use
After a fire, the security loss of use allows you to be partially reimbursed for the cost of lodging if your home is uninhabitable found.

There are two guaranteed for this case:

If you are a tenant in your home: your insurer will be responsible to pay your rent to the owner for the rehabilitation of the premises.
If you are the owner of the accommodation: you will receive benefits directly from your insurance company, the amount will be calculated according to the rental value of your home and the estimated duration of the work.
Note : This benefit may not last more than a year. Its utility is to allow you to relocate temporarily.

Compensation costs and demolition debris from fire
After the fire was controlled and extinguished, fresh cut and demolition higher or lower depending on the damage caused by the incident, you will be charged for the rebuilding of your property:

These fees are usually taken into account by the insurance company, which applies to the indirect damage caused by the fire.
The refund is limited to 5% of the total compensation.
Expert fees: Additional charges
You can call an expert to represent your interests vis-à-vis the insurance expert:

if you are not satisfied with the amount of compensation offered by your insurer after the fire;
if you fear that compensation is inadequate.
Just as security for the costs of excavation and demolition, the reimbursement of fees of the expert is limited to 5% of the amount of compensation under the warranty indirect damage from a fire.

Need more information about home insurance and associated guarantees? Our sites are available to you:

Cancel your home insurance with the help of our practice free downloadable plug.
Help yourself to our sample letter to dispute the expert report of home insurance . It is free to download, enjoy!
Your roommate has changed? Terminate or change your home insurance by relying on our letter template free download.

When built or built a new building, a building contractor, even particular must take out home insurance which is called damage insurance work , even from the Spinetta law of 1978.

Particular work injury insurance: a summary
The general insurance book is to subscribe at any construction, but also in case of renovations if those involving the structural soundness or could render uninhabitable. This insurance is designed to protect the insured against the disorders that may arise, and put it in conflict with the manufacturer or the renovation company. In this case, a double insurance involves: the "damage insurance work" guarantee allows the insurer to indemnify its insured without seeking responsibility for a particular speaker. Insured is quickly compensated. And the insurer "structural damage" then seeks to be reimbursed from the insurer decennial liability of the manufacturer. And it usually takes several years. This dual insurance system allows an insured experiencing problems with his home builder not to wait for years before being compensated. subjects regularly reported back is water infiltration, cracked or damage the frame. walls This works damage warranty begins at the expiration of the guarantee construction, that is to say, one year after the acceptance of the work, which is also called "period of perfect completion ". Finally, this warranty coverage will end at the same time as the ten-year warranty, 10 years after receiving the work, even if there is sale of the property.

In case of incident, you benefit from the expertise of a specialist. If the amount of damage exceeds 1,830 euros, it will make a return 60 days after receipt of your return. A's insurer then make you an offer of compensation, a maximum of 90 days after examination of the expert.

If the amount is less than 1830 euros, you will receive a compensation offer 15 days after the statement of claim.

Particular work injury insurance: mandatory or not?
This insurance is compulsory, imposed by the Civil Code. But it is common for many people to spend, the risk of experiencing substantial penalties, up to and including criminal. But if that does not scare you, and you believe that the risk to show you is very low, consider instead the other possible consequences. Indeed, if you do not subscribe to this guarantee, be aware that you will be subject to great difficulties when selling the property. Lack of such insurance will be mentioned in the deed of sale and will thus reduce significantly the selling price in the negotiations with the notary. If you think you will never sell your property, just think that life is made ​​of surprises! Moreover, some banks impose underwriting of such insurance to unlock the borrowing.

Particular work injury insurance: underwriting
The casualty insurance must be purchased prior to commencement of work by the client which can be:

the owner of the building
the agent
the particular
the company
or the condominium
In other words, the person responsible for the construction. prices of non-life insurance premium varies depending on the cost of the book, but in general there is a maximum of 5% of the total amount of work.

Particular work injury insurance: risks covered
This insurance cover is designed to :

costs related to damage threatening the security of the dwelling
damage putting the responsibility of the manufacturers involved
abandonment of the site
construction defects within the ten-year guarantee.
With this insurance, you are compensated quickly. You can finance repairs until you know the causes and those responsible for damage and without waiting for court decisions. . A's insurer then turn against professionals

Cover doors and windows
the damage caused by the insured
natural wear
natural disasters
To cover these items, better parallel is necessary to subscribe to a home insurance contract. < br /> As always, the best way to get the best insurance against structural damage, whether a tariff purposes or in terms of guarantees You absolutely must compare.

Insurance particular book is a specific damage type of dwelling coverage. This occurs only when working and helps protect you from these risks. Without research responsibility it allows fast compensation that does not delay repairs. It shall take effect one year after construction and covers all manufacturing defects or hidden potential that your home may have defects. It does not extend beyond ten years.

Even if everyone thinks the opposite, ensuring a property is optional. But it is highly recommended to protect its property assets against risks and accidents, and is often required by landlords to tenants. When you subscribe to a home insurance , the insurer shall, before signing, hand you a contract that must be examined carefully.

Contract home insurance: what is mentioned
The home insurance policy should be clear, readable, understood and signed by the insured.
's application and exclusion clauses must be clearly stated. Otherwise, they are not applicable as evidenced articles L.112-3 and L.112-4 of the Insurance Code.

Guarantees, deductibles and expiration date must also be included. General conditions must you be remitted along with the application for insurance, so before signing. Indeed, the insurer must give you the opportunity to study in detail the terms of service before you sign contracts.

Home insurance contract: the guarantees supported
The risks covered by a property insurance policy obviously vary from one contract to another. But in general are included in the basic formula:

Personal liability,
Fire insurance,
Water damage,
The broken windows,
natural disasters.
Warning: these risks are covered, but the compensation will depend on the circumstances of the incident . For example, water damage is covered if your neighbor has left his bathtub overflowed, but not covered for you if it was you who left your bathtub overflow. For more information and be sure to be compensated, which it is important to carefully consider the exclusion clauses.

Finally be aware that there are other options such safeguards as retrofitting nine that guarantees compensation for your appliances based on the purchase price, or the so-called "freezer" that will compensate the amount equal to the guaranteed content thereof in the event of a power failure, and thus loss of all these foods.

"Electrical damage" guarantee may also be useful to cover damage to the TV or computer during a lightning storm, for example.

Home insurance contract: how terminate
For cancellation insurance home, you can terminate your insurance policy due to your contract, one year after the purchase . To do this, you must send a registered letter with acknowledgment than two months before the due date letter.
But you can also cancel your insurance when unexplained increases the amount of your insurance premium or refuses to fall the amount in the event of a reduction in risk.

Finally, if you move or change your marital or professional situation, you are also entitled to terminate the contract.

Also note that in case of death , according to article L 121.10 of the Insurance Code, the heir inherits the property of the insurance contract , but he has the right to terminate. It is the same in case of sale of housing. For the buyer, therefore, to terminate the contract if they wish.

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