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HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE: Compare Cheap Companies Quotes?


Every tenant has the obligation to take out insurance "rental insurance" , whose purpose is to compensate the owner for the damage caused to his property in case of fire, water damage or explosion.

However, the law does not require it to ensure against damage to neighboring and third, it is nevertheless an important safeguard.

Here's how well choose rental risk insurance .

Take out insurance unpaid rent

Note: Do not confuse "insurance rental insurance" and "security risks rental GRL", the latter being an insurance against unpaid rent.

1. Check the tenant's obligations
2. Compare franchises
3. Choose the height of compensation
4. Choose warranty "claims by neighbors and others"
Check the tenant's obligations TOP

Be sure to choose a rental risk insurance including no obligation to maintain or specific equipment.
Some insurance contracts "rental insurance" provide for maintenance to reduce the risk clauses:
pipe protection in winter;
protection against fires, the presence of fire extinguishers.
If the contract requirements are not met, the compensation will not trigger .
Select insurance when rents
Compare franchises TOP

Any such contract includes a deductible, that is to say an amount below which the insurer will not compensate . The deductible is the amount you must pay out of your pocket to your own disaster.
A higher insurance premium to be synonymous with low franchise, but this is not always the case.
It is essential to compare different offerings to see which insurance company offers the best value premium / deductible.
Example : a deductible of € 2,000 means that in a disaster which resulted in damage amounting to € 5,000, you will pay € 2,000 to your landlord, the insurer loading € 3,000 remaining.
Choose the height of compensation TOP

Any "rental risks" insurance policy includes a maximum amount of compensation. It is not necessary to make a choice on the highest coverage, because you do not always need.
If housing includes wall hangings, floor value, facades decorated or other, you should choose a high maximum compensable.
But if it is only painted walls, a floor and a facade, it will not be necessary to provide a high level of compensation ceiling.
Note: in most cases the landlord in the lease indicate the minimum amount of compensation that should include insurance "rental risks."

Develop a rental lease
Choose the "third neighbor and" guarantee TOP

This may seem paradoxical, but if the law does not require you to take out civil liability to others, you are nevertheless responsible for damage by them in case a disaster strikes your home, and is detrimental to your neighbors.
However, the "rental risks" insurance only compensate the owner .
The "third neighbor and" guarantee allows to fill this gap by offering compensation to all natural and legal persons other than the owner, who have suffered an injury caused by a tenant.
In general, the insurance contract "rental insurance" includes an "appeal to neighbors and third parties' guarantee, but this is not always the case.
Note: Again, it is important to take into account deductibles and the extent of coverage

The roommates are all responsible for damage to property of the owner and those of neighboring and third in terms of their share, that is to say the surface they enjoy within the housing and communal areas .

One roommate can be provided as any conventional tenant, however, his insurance company might backfire against other occupants. It is strongly recommended that everyone be insured, preferably on the same contract.

Here's how to take out insurance roommate .

Subscribe single insurance for all TOP

It is best if all roommates are insured by the same contract to a single insurer's management compensation in the event of a disaster, minimizing the risk of litigation between the parties and speeding.
The name of each tenant included in the contract, and when a new happens, we will prepare an amendment to update the list of insured persons.
Make sure liability TOP

Ensure civil liability is to give you the ability to compensate third parties for damages you may cause them.
Make to the owner
Liability insurance against rental risks is mandatory. , it gives rise to the payment of compensation in the event of a fire, explosion or water damage caused by one of the roommates will damage the property of the owner.
Note: from the time when there is a single contract, all roommates share responsibility.

Sure for others
Please note, if insurance is not mandatory, however it is widely recommended. Indeed, each tenant is financially responsible for losses from the housing and spreading to the neighbors or causing injury to bystanders.
It is therefore important that the insurance policy includes the "third neighbor and" guarantee , which will allow all wanted to compensate those affected.
Consider the options TOP

If the formulas listed above are for compensation of third parties, however there is no provision for the private property of the occupants.
It is therefore recommended to take out insurance to allow roommates to be compensated for the damage, destruction or theft of their personal property.
Make sure:
The circumstances in which the burglary must have occurred.
The claims concerned : fire, water damage, explosion, etc.
The items covered by the warranty.
The method of calculating compensation : value new or used.
Look at the deductible TOP

From the moment when all the roommates are responsible for losses, so they must pay the deductible depending on the share they receive within the housing.
It is therefore clear that the franchise will be shared between all, making the choice of insurer easier. You can actually move toward the least expensive insurance, even if it means the higher deductible.

Occupy a dwelling involves responsibility vis-à-vis others. Whether you rent or own, it is the responsibility to ensure that this is first and foremost. Then there are the options of own personal property that can be destroyed in the event of a disaster, which will be refunded only under certain conditions.

Choosing home insurance is to take the best coverage depending on the situation.

Here are our tips for choosing the right home insurance.

Case 1: You are renting an unfurnished accommodation
Case 2: You are a homeowner
Case 3: You rent unfurnished accommodation to others
Case 4: You rent a furnished apartment to others
Case 1: You are renting an unfurnished accommodation TOP

Compulsory insurance
Every tenant has the obligation to take out "rental risks" insurance , which aims to compensate the owner in case of fire, explosion and water damage.
This warranty will reimburse the costs of necessary repairs.
If the tenant does not take out insurance, the owner can replace it by purchasing insurance on their behalf. The cost of insurance is then recovered from the tenant.
Note : it is common for owners add a clause in the lease stating that the tenant must show proof of insurance risk rental before being hand over the keys, while lack of insurance resulting in the termination of the lease.

Develop a rental lease
The "third neighbor and" guarantee
The "rental insurance" coverage allows compensation to the owner, but not neighbors or passersby.
However, in case a fire breaks out in your home and spreads to your neighbors, or causes damage to objects belonging to others, you are responsible and must pay.
The presence of the "third neighbor and" guarantee allows compensation for damages suffered by individuals and legal entities other than your own, for any object belonging to you or that you care.
Warning : the "third neighbor and" guarantee is not mandatory, it should check that it is present in home insurance.

Guarantee "comprehensive home"
Insurance "rental risks and claims by neighbors and others" do not permit recovery for your personal belongings in case of disaster. As follows:
if water damage occur among visiting all your good throwing furniture, you will have to buy more and pay from your own pocket;
if a disaster occurred in your neighbor damage your personal property, her own insurance will compensate you.
Guarantee "comprehensive home" allows you compensation in connection with the value of what you lost, following the damage.
Note : most of the time, insurance contain a comprehensive home rental insurance guarantee, warranty appeal to neighbors and others, as well as coverage on personal property, and are in fact a "turnkey" solution for the tenant.

Case 2: You are a homeowner TOP

You are considered a homeowner from the moment you do not rent the property to others. Owners of primary and secondary residences are owner-occupiers.
Take out home insurance
Unlike the tenant, you are not required to provide you, yet you remain liable for damages suffered by others, after declaring a disaster at home.
The solution is to buy insurance "comprehensive housing for homeowners" , which will give rise to compensation:
to others, for any damage suffered by a sinister left your home: water damage, fire, explosion;
your personal property for the same reasons;
your property, always for the same reasons.
Case 3: You rent unfurnished accommodation to others TOP

As a non-homeowner, you are not required to purchase a specific home insurance. However, you are still responsible for damages caused by defects in materials or lack of maintenance to:
your tenant;
neighbors and others.
2 provisions are required:
Guarantee ' use of tenant "that will compensate if your tenant has suffered damage due to faulty construction or maintenance.
Guarantee ' neighbor and third . "
Case 4: You rent a furnished apartment to others TOP

This case is more complex, as the tenant of a furnished apartment is not required to purchase a "rental risks" insurance, especially if it is for seasonal rentals.
So the owner to ensure that:
" On behalf of whom it "is a comprehensive home that you buy yourself for your tenants.
" Liability Waiver "in which you agree not to hold your tenants responsible for damage to your building. This guarantee will help you more easily rent.
" Comprehensive Housing ": it covers damage to movable and immovable property and the damages suffered by others.

Fire, flood, natural disaster, theft ... To guard against this, it is important to ensure its housing. All valuables should be insured, even if it is not mandatory. The housing should be no exception, quite the contrary. This way you are protected financially in the event of a disaster. To find the best home insurance, the comparison seems to be the best solution.

Compare home insurance: the premium calculation
Home insurance is mandatory only for tenants. In fact, it will always be asked by the owners. But you are the owner, tenant or occupant, you need to secure you and provide your home to deal with any unexpected events that could be financially disastrous. The price of home insurance varies according to several characteristics:
- Housing size
- The nature of housing (apartment, house)
- Situation geography
- the type of housing (secondary residence)
- The amount of furniture to ensure
- The quality of the insured (owner or tenant)
- Protection systems (if any)
- Etc.

Thus, as the auto insurance , many rating factors are involved. Many types of warranties exist. So the comparison is needed to find the right insurance policy.

Finding the best home insurance with a comparison
The guarantees will be the first items to compare. Usually you will find in the comprehensive home insurance guarantees the same base, but some options will make it more complicated comparison.

This is the case of:
- The extent of the theft guarantee
- the guarantee of breaking ice
- Legal protection
- The school insurance , which may be included in the housing contract.

These options will obviously add to the primary benefits:
- Rebuilding or repairing your home in case of fire, explosion, or collapse,
- Compensation theft or loss of personal property in the event of a disaster ,
- The liability of all the inhabitants of the house.

The best approach is first to identify, in advance, your needs housing cover.

Once secured to compare fixed, you have to compare prices, knowing of course that guarantees chosen will affect the amount of home insurance rate. Over there warranty, plus you pay a lot better ... but you're covered.
Finally, the last elements to be compared to properly complete your analysis are deductibles and the reimbursement (new value or consideration of the obsolescence ). Low prices are sometimes explained by significant deductibles and low repayments in the event of a disaster.

Anyway, when you make a home insurance comparison, it is essential to review the contracts that are offered.

Last tip: instead of making the rounds of the insurers , you can use an insurance comparison for this test. You will have in one form several answers, all inserted into a table that will allow you to see at a glance the best deal.

Like any expenditure required, the price to put in a home insurance is calculated in advance. Proceed to the quotation of this investment becomes a breeze thanks to the resources available on the net game.

Why make an estimate of its home insurance?
Making the decision to request an estimate for its home insurance is a simple common sense. Whatever the option chosen, contributions for home insurance will be a recurring expense. It would be unwise to sign any contract, claiming that all insurances are equal.
Because no, each provider has a way of presenting their services, which means that the prices offered in part-cons simply can not be the same.

The home insurance quote is therefore a step should not be overlooked if you do not want to run the risk of paying more for the same service offering. Besides the advantage of preventing overspending, make an estimate also allows a first glimpse of the cover that will actually be offered to the insured.
Note, however, that to get a full quote and have a clear idea of which could be paid, some information will be requested from the consultant. These allow to identify the precise nature of the insurance needs of the future subscriber. These will be used in turn to define the type of coverage and identify the most suitable price range.

The items included in a home insurance quote
If one takes a ride on the Internet, you will soon realize that the tools to get a home insurance quote fast abound. They show up, mostly in the form of questionnaire collected information on the applicant and the property to be insured.

From the responses to this series of questions, the site specializes in home insurance quote will conduct an exploration of its bases, before proposing the different prices offered by different providers.
Among the basic information used to establish a estimate, the type of house to provide plays an important role. The estimates vary, indeed, if the house serves as a primary residence or secondary apartment.
Number of pieces included in the residence and the extent of dependencies are other factors that can influence the type of insurance adapted and price. Valuables to be provided along with the apartment also affect the amount of contributions. In this regard, we must ensure we get this estimate because poorly encrypted, it can cause a larger quote or poor coverage.

In all cases, we must say that the price we have to pay to ensure your home or any other property will ultimately depend on itself and not the providers. If one takes the trouble to evaluate your needs and formulate well, we will be sure to pay a fair price. Most insurance quotes that swell are often due to confusion on the side of the future assured.

Make an estimate before proceeding to the selection of the insurance provider is a more relevant approach. Sufficiently informed about the reality of the market and offers available, you will be more equipped to make a wise choice. This is the only way to ensure that its policy covers many needs and is paid at the right price.

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