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HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE: Definition, Benefits, Rates, Companies?


You do not have to buy home insurance as the owner of the dwelling in which you live, but it is strongly recommended to ensure liability, and choose a comprehensive home that will cover you against fires, explosions, damage water, theft, storm, natural and technological disasters.

Examine what is included in the warranty and what is not, especially calculate the amount of compensation that you would collect by deducting the franchise and the age, in case of problems.

Here are our tips to buy home insurance for homeowners .

1. Ensure to others
2. sure your personal property
3. Consider theft guarantee
4. Consider climate warranty
5. Examine the franchise and the rate of obsolescence
Sure for others TOP

This is called liability (RC). Its purpose is to compensate others for any damage caused by:
you, members of your family and the people who live with you;
pets and those you care;
fire, water damage, explosion coming to you;
your items and those you care.
Good to know : for this purpose, the "third neighbor and" guarantee should appear on your home insurance policy.

Make your personal property TOP

A casualty housing contract offers this possibility, but check the following points:
What is included . Everything should be compensable:
furniture, electrical equipment and appliances;
property in him-even: frames, walls, roof framing;
decorations: paintings, wall coverings, floor coverings, embellishments.
The conditions :
water damage.
Think of the guaranteed flight TOP

Most insurance policies include a comprehensive home to. However, you are well advised to consider the following points.
What is covered?
There must be:
The "sensitive" objects : this is what a burglar picks first home: TV, video, hi-fi, camera, computer, scanner, printer. Accessories are they also covered?
The furniture says "current" : it includes appliances other than those classified as sensitive, but also clothing and linens.
Vandalism caused by burglars.
Good to know : the jewels and valuables are often the subject of warranties.

Under what conditions?
Make sure that these conditions are present burglary:
Burglary : such a clause sometimes implies that you are equipped with secure locks.
Flight Smuggling : there may be a burglar introduce to you without your knowledge while you are there.
Robbery with use of false keys , real stolen or lost, picking key.
Theft by your attendants : maid, caretaker, gardener, repairman, etc.
Consider the following conditions:
Flight by climbing local : This clause is useful if the thief climbed to the floor and is introduced through a window without breaking.
Flight with threats or violence upon the person , if you open the door to a visitor who then requires you to give your credit card under threat, it is not a burglary, the guarantee may be useful.
Consider climate warranty TOP

Storm warranty
Check that the clause guarantees "storm" is present in the contract, because it will allow you to finance repairs to your property following the devastation caused by a storm.
Natural and technological disasters
Insurance contracts' comprehensive home "often include a guaranteed "natural and technological disasters" .
Franchises are set by the State , but may be increased if the place where you live is in a danger zone.
Examine the franchise and the rate of obsolescence TOP

Attention to the franchise
Each guarantee a home insurance policy is governed by its own franchise, for the amount you must pay out of your pocket.
The question to ask yourself is: "Is it worth the trouble to pay a more expensive fee to get a lower deductible? ".
Find the right balance between risk and the amount of the deductible.
Good to know : we are not part of an auto insurance policy where best to direct you to a low deductible because you run less risk of fire in your home than risk an accident on the road.

The rate of decay
It corresponds to the depreciation of your items due to their age.
Read your insurance policy "comprehensive home", it tells you how you will be reimbursed:
At the used value : this corresponds to the replacement value minus the rate of decay. You will have to pay the difference from your own pocket, in addition to the franchise.
In the replacement value: this corresponds to the replacement value, so you do have to pay the deductible.

Veranda and tax credit

Veranda and tax credit
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By Comprendrechoisir |
Renovating your veranda necessarily need to do work. Thus, in some cases, these works may be eligible for a tax credit, which you can benefit from a tax reduction and possibly a refund.

Here are some tips to take advantage of the tax credit for renovating your porch.

Guide the veranda

Improve the insulation in your conservatory
If your home has a main house and if it is built for over 2 years, expenditure on the purchase of related materials remplacementdes existing glazing your porch by insulating glazing (excluding labor) are entitled to a credit Tax.

This tax credit is allocated from the amount of your income tax in respect of the year in which the expense was paid.
If the tax credit exceeds the amount of your income tax, or if you are not taxable, the tax credit will then be fully refunded .
Important: The acquisition glazing spending (even of insulating glass) for the construction of a new veranda ineligible for the tax credit.

More information on the page Tax Credit isolation of our site Insulation

Amount of the tax credit for renovating a porch
The amount of the tax credit varies depending on the walls that you want to change.

For glass walls: 13.5% of the price of materials.
For opaque walls (roof, walls ...): 22.5% of the price of materials.
These amounts are capped depending on your situation:

€ 8,000 for a single person.
€ 16,000 for a married or civil partnership couple filing a joint tax return.
Good to know they are also increased by € 400 for each dependent in the household.

Want more information on conservatories and regulations that apply?

Get our practices guides Consumer Credit and Insurance of the individual .
Which windows to choose a bespoke conservatory?
Get our practice sheet calculate its budget .

ome Insurance and solar panels

Home Insurance and solar panels
By Comprendrechoisir |
An installation of solar panels represents a sacred investment. It is therefore important to cover with your home insurance.

Against what is it necessary to cover your solar panels and how to include it in the contract of your existing home insurance?

What risks your facility?
Solar panels being installed outdoors and usually on your roof, they are to thank you from the elements:

If a storm occurs and your roof is ripped off, your panels will be torn out.
Hail can also damage: even if these panels are designed to withstand hail "routine, a hail of abnormal intensity can seriously damage, etc.
They can also be victims of various disasters:

In case of fire, your plants will be attacked in the same way as the rest of your home.
Depending on the location and nature of your installation, your panels can even be vulnerable to theft.
To learn more, visit the page Assurance of our website dedicated solar panel

What insurance policy for your solar panels
If you have a recent contract, you have every chance:

it already has the necessary safeguards;
and so that the necessary adjustment is free (eg certificate of liability for EDF).
Regarding specific benefits:

The "broken windows" cover will especially read in your terms or your special conditions: the breakdown of the solar panels must be explicitly named.
If your installation configuration deserves guarantee "theft" , you may have more difficulties to implement this guarantee. An anti-theft device on your panels may be a safer way.
Good to know : for solar photovoltaic panels, EDF will ask you for proof of liability as a producer of electricity.

You can cancel your home insurance risk for worsening, without waiting for the expiry date of the contract if:

Your insurer will not take into account the security of your solar panels in your contract;
the increase in your premium is too high.

Home insurance for small condos

Home insurance for small condos
By Comprendrechoisir |
It is not uncommon, in a small building (maximum 2 or 3 owners) to see either no assurance condominium forgetfulness or negligence or a real questioning of the very need for such a contract.

Should or not take out a specific insurance to the condo and if you already have a contract, should keep it or not?

For more information: Termination home insurance

Interest of home insurance for a small condominium
A condominium is divided into two distinct parts:

the units: ie different units;
public areas: staircase, roof, boiler, etc.
Accommodations are provided by each co-owner of private or tenant occupying the home insurance, but what about for the common parts? :

If a claim has its origins in common: it would be the responsibility of each of the co-owners in proportion to the value of their property in the building.
So, in the absence of guarantee, each owner should respond financially to the cost of the loss of his own pocket.
Small building: should subscribe or not a contract?
For small condominium, homeowners insurance from their homes can have a specific guarantee for the public areas. Thus, their insurance covers both:

their private part (housing);
their share of the common areas.
It is still prudent to inquire about the existence of this guarantee in its home insurance policy rather than take it for granted. Anyway, the common elements of a condominium, however small, must be covered, either by a specific contract or a warranty in a conventional contract.

Warning : beyond two to three co-owners and thus two to three different insurers, it is almost impossible to have shared for the same disaster management. A contract "apart" is therefore essential to enable the management of any disaster affecting the common elements of a condominium.

Can you cancel your home insurance?
By educating yourself with insurers of all co-owners, if you realize that the common areas are already covered in the warranties of all individual home insurance policies, you may terminate the contract specific to insurance of common areas, if there was one.

If any doubt remains, or even a disagreement between co-owners, then it is essential to retain the specific insurance of common areas of the condominium.

Termination at any time: to increase the price of insurance?

By Comprendrechoisir
on 14/06/2013 at 5:26 p.m.
increase, price, insurance, law, hamon
In any case, what if the insurers promised freedom of contract termination under the Act Hamon consumer protection was adopted. The measure was passed yesterday by the House, and an amendment plans to expand it to all so-called "affinity" insurance, that is to say, the insurance associated with a purchase (laptop, etc.).

According to the government, this measure would tend to lead to lower prices, because it would foster competition between different insurers. But for insurers, is "totally false."

Currently, insurance prices are smoothed by taking into account the risks throughout the year, which compensates for periods risky by others who are not. And because they provide a probable practice of "insurance card" with a termination at less risky times, they have to explain ensure their margins by raising prices.

The amendment adopted yesterday foresees the possibility to terminate his contract of insurance at any time after the first contract year, not on the anniversary date of the contract, as at present.

In the case of contracts auto and property insurance, such termination will be possible only if they can prove that they have taken out a new insurance.

Did you know? The insurance market "accessories" weighs nearly 2 billion euros in France. It has several types of insurance, which are often considered too expensive, redundant with other compulsory insurance such as home insurance or even useless. They are always difficult to terminate, particularly because they are generally beyond the Chatel law.

A French has, according to a survey of the UFC Que Choisir, 2-3 this type of insurance. Learn more about these assurances and making them complex to terminate .

Termination at any time of insurance contracts is only one of nine key measures of Bill Hamon on consumption. Learn more about these measures and they will change your rights.
Insurance is often required in many areas (auto, home, loan), and insurers therefore have a duty to inform. However, the lack of information can play against you: what measures of consumer protection for insurance ?

Home insurance: how many coins declare?

Home insurance: how many coins declare?
By Comprendrechoisir |
Disaster with expertise, compliance audit of your policy is systematic. This monitoring shall include the number of rooms as well as the living area.

If there is fault, you expose yourself to the application of a coinsurance for your compensation even if the claim is unrelated to the error . Specifically, your compensation could be significantly reduced.

For more information: Notice of Claim

For an apartment
The risk of an error in the number of parts is quite low, both at the time of purchase in the future highly unlikely since there is an expansion or another.

However, be careful to:

the inclusion or not of the kitchen :
from one insurer to another, it is taken or not taken into account in the total number of parts;
the terms of your contract should describe the principle parts counting;
the surface of the living : to adapt their pricing, many insurers that it takes two parts from 30 to 40 m²;
well tell your insurer if you are considering a change in your home :
a large room divided into two or two small pieces together to make a larger example;
This final point is especially owners as tenants are more limited in the choice of design.
Parts to be declared for a house
Greater vigilance is required if you own a home. Indeed, the design possibilities are many and updating of the insurance policy is rarely the primary concern.

Here are the scenarios in which to tell your insurer:

creating rooms in the attic;
you plant a summer kitchen and / or a guest room in the garage;
you turn a basement into a playroom or media room;
installing a conservatory;
you maximize your home, etc.
More generally, as soon as your development project requires a building permit or authorization to work, it is almost certain that your insurance policy should be modified:

Conscious forgetting or not changing your insurance policy may have serious consequences for your compensation in case of disaster.
Proportional rule will be applied: reduction in compensation in proportion to the premium that would have been payable if the contract had been updated.
Warning : as your loft is a simple space to serve a set of parts or a real piece (multimedia space for example), the insurer will count or not as a piece in the insurance contract.

A home insurance is for housing individuals and their annexes. It is generally intended to cover local, contents and liability for the occupants.

Achieving a rate home insurance: benefits
The comprehensive home insurance is mandatory for occupants as a tenant of a house or apartment. The occupant will be responsible effect with the owner in case of an incident or accident suffered. As such, they will be asked for compensation.
However, the owner and occupant of an apartment or a housing allowance are not necessarily subject to a home insurance underwriting. Generally, purchase liability insurance is essential to alleviate third party compensation victims of damage caused by the homeowner.
With the ever increasing number of insurance institutions, establish a price Insurance housing is becoming easier. It is then important to take advantage of this situation to have a tariff cheaper home insurance . Guarantees of home insurance for individuals have multiple elements and this plays in determining the tariff. The extent varies from one company to another. It depends largely on studies conducted by the insurer and observed criteria based on which the agreement will shortly be agreed between the institution and the insured.
Among these points can be cited as an Examples fire and other similar events - lightning, falling aerial devices, explosion - the impact of vehicle, water damage, attacks and acts of terrorism, broken windows, electrical damage, breakage glazing. Damages suffered as a result of natural or technological disasters and the damage brought to the garden and fences, professional furniture or on jewelry are also available. So-called "ancillary" benefits can be added to this list: prams, legal protection, home care, expenses and financial losses, unpaid rent.

Determine the premium home insurance: the key points
With the proliferation of insurance companies, we have ample choice in the search for cheaper rates. The price of home insurance takes into account various factors. It varies according to the surface area, thus exclude the bathroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. This cost is calculated by taking into consideration the quality of the occupant owner, tenant or owner. The insurance company also includes the feature of housing in this calculation. This is to determine if the home has addiction, alarm systems, swimming pool, fireplace, porch or other facilities and surfaces that can be considered accessories.
insurer may request further information may play in determining the premium. We can cite as examples the furniture capital, geographical location or the FFB index. It should also be mentioned that home insurance takes into account the use of the home: as a place of primary or secondary residence. Insurance may cover the resident owners, tenants or landlords. Additional benefits offered by the company may affect the price homeowners insurance, to name only as examples that the services of a consultant.

An insurance offers a form on which are listed all the criteria and elements required in determining the rate. The future insured can check the appropriate box depending on whether or not to have insurance on any damage.

The price of a home insurance is important to establish before embarking on any ratification of the contract. Based both on the home itself and the use made ​​of it, the price of home insurance is of paramount importance to avoid bad deals.

Interest to know the price of home insurance
Know the price of home insurance is an unavoidable step if one is interested in this type of subscription.

The owners property currently receiving plenty of offers that allow them to get an idea. But do not forget that the value of this insurance depends primarily on the expected guarantees.

In general, the price of home insurance is based on the number of clauses in the insurance contract.
The most crucial clause is that of civil liability for accidents causing damage to a third party a direct manner or not. This could be of any defect of construction or maintenance, case mentioned in the covers liability on housing.

The price of home insurance is also related to the value of property therein. At this point is related coverage in the event of any deterioration in the housing itself or the different furniture that are inside.
Some insurers include in fact much of the personal belongings located on site at the price of one home insurance, while others cover them in part. This clause is valid whether you are the legal owner of the premises concerned or single tenant , even provisionally.
Among the damages that are considered by home insurance are the water damage, fires and explosions diverse backgrounds.

How to determine the price of home insurance?
In general, insurers determine the price of home insurance according to the different characteristics of its own. Insurance experts that are intended to establish a more or less detailed estimate of the cost of home insurance when taking into account the geographical location.

This approach aims to identify the risks of natural disasters, if the area is unsafe for example.
Likewise, the rate of insecurity and vandalism can be closely monitored by experts to have a clear idea of risks taken and whether or not to include clauses on various theft and breakage.

Thus, the price of home insurance is especially great for a home located in a red zone or high-risk.
come later physical and material considerations of the house as the number of rooms, the overall condition of Housing, probable causes of long-term wear or even equipment whose use is a risk of damage to the house.

Individuals usually need to go around the owner to experts so that they can establish an estimate precisely and logging various furniture that are before and during the period in which the insurance is effective. It should be noted that in case of renewal, the price of home insurance may be modified due to changes made to the house.

The price of home insurance is in place in relation to the state and especially the risks of deterioration. Each owner will be notified his property by paying attention to what his property not to be overvalued or undervalued.

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