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Importance of education and detailed quote for a conservatory quality

Nearly 10% of the French now use an insurance comparison to choose their insurance company. What is the advantage of this new way of comparison? How to find the most suitable for your needs on the internet offer? Saving time and money, discover 3 tips to find home insurance tailored to your budget .

Tip # 1: compare!
To find home insurance that fits both your needs and your budget, the most effective solution is to thoroughly research the market and to compete more proposals for insurers . This is rule number one insurance. But it may take you many hours if you use the traditional channels (appointment requests you travel). Then you will wait for responses and specifications, and compare one by one the various proposals.
But there was more simple. As understood 10% of the insured, to compare your insurance quote you can now count on the help of an insurance comparison . On the Internet, the latter will provide for you in this process by submitting your application to a wide range of insurers. Within minutes, you are offered several quotes tailored to your needs. Result, in the twinkling of an eye, you can compare the offers from a number of insurance companies, as well as different forms of home insurance.

Tip # 2: Do not accumulate unnecessary guaranteed!
Yes well covered, covered too: no. It's not because you will earn guarantees that you will be better covered. You just have to choose the guarantees you need. With the help of an insurance comparison, you can quickly verify that the guarantees that are offered are in line with your situation, your needs and of course your budget. This may sound simple, however this trick sense could save you tens of euros on your bill.

Tip 3: fill in your questionnaire fairer for home insurance
To fully benefit from the services your insurance comparison , you just fill out a form to login and specify your needs.
You know, your home insurance is designed to protect your home, everything in it and all the people who live in disaster. It is therefore necessary first to estimate the value of your furniture and your equipment . Needless to overvalue your home or its contents. You will not be better covered, but your insurance premium, a risk to rise much.

Importance of education and detailed quote for a conservatory quality
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Add a room to your home without making a detailed estimate can cause several problems: Structure of poor quality, delivery errors, etc.

Our Tip reported on the importance of the quote to avoid defects so that your conservatory project be conceived in the best conditions!

Choose a professional
Develop and build a conservatory quality beyond the stage of DIY: you must therefore necessarily to hire a professional to minimize the risk of unpleasant surprises.

For more information: choose a porch builder

Compare at least 3 quotes
Price changes can be huge among many professionals and even within the same company to required services. That is why it is recommended to seek at least three quotes to properly consider the differences on the same criteria :

the materials of the structure;
the type of glazing;
the type of heating, etc.
The estimate should be detailed and clear:

the description and the cost of supplies and materials;
the cost of labor;
Sometimes the cost of travel;
the implementation plan;
completion times.
Good to know: really not hesitate to contact several companies to study different quotes, but also to collect many ideas.

Conduct a serious study in depth
Three steps are needed to complete the project.

The study , you lead your side:

you reap the constituent necessary evidence in the file that you submit to your municipality;
you must probe the soil to see if it can support a new structure;
you take fewer risks and, depending on the results, your architect may suggest appropriate solutions.
The design takes into account the studies. That's when you'll create competition and request multiple quotes.

The delivery includes machining, installation and acceptance of the work.

Good to know: permission is required to enlarge your home and depending on the surface of the counterpart, a building permit may be issued by the town hall.

For more information: before beginning the construction of the veranda

Our complementary content to get around the issue :

Read our tip: want a conservatory? Anticipate project to better enjoy it .
Here is the page for you to consult to find out where to buy her porch .
If the final project does not match the detailed and comprehensive quote you did prepare, you inspire our sample letter of protest for non-conforming delivery .

Change its home insurance policy for a new conservatory
View Step by Step
Change its home insurance policy for a new conservatory© Life and veranda
The installation of a conservatory is considered the addition of a new room in the house and actually increases its surface. Turning the assurance of this extension can impact the amount of your fee.

Here are our tips for adapting your home insurance policy to the new space.

1. Inquire before installation
2. Check breakage warranty ice
3. Declare the new extension
Find out before installing TOP

Take the time to check with your insurance company from the design of your project to determine the potential rate increase and if it imposes specific safety devices: these may vary according to insurers.
This may influence you in choosing:
the surface to be constructed;
Material: glazing burglar or backward, etc. ;
facilities: shutters, alarm system, etc.
Good to know : Some insurers impose any specific requirements for protection or increased fees for conservatories of less than 20 m².

Check the ice breakage warranty TOP

If you plan to build a conservatory with glass accreditation, it is best to check that your insurance policy covers glass breakage .
Note : This is usually the case for most Comprehensive homeowners.

In case of heat shock, hail or high winds, the replacement of windows will be supported, whether or not for payment of a deductible (depending on your contract).
Declare the new extension TOP

Once your conservatory built, contact your insurance company to declare the new extension .
The room and the property will be covered in it, whether in the event of tampering or other incidents. An addendum to the original contract will then be issued.
Good to know : home insurance does not cover damage caused by moisture and condensation in your conservatory. In case of problems, it should be corrected as soon as possible to limit the spread.

Home insurance properties 'prestige'
You are the proud owner of a castle, mansion, penthouse, townhouse, house architect, big house (250 square meters and more), park ...? Your home is a listed building or buildings in France?

Your goods have special embellishments: marble fireplace, stone stairwell, indoor pool, old wood ... The prestige goods require specific insurance with extended warranties. Indeed, the maximum possible cost at a total loss may need reassurance from your insurer. These are often specific subscriptions "custom".

Find your home insurance

Home Insurance - Housing prestige
The property insurance prestige is defined as:

a casualty housing contract with mandatory and optional coverages very extensive;
obligations for the owner;
a choice between two types of partners.
The standard contract: high-end
It is a unique contract comprehensive home that allows you to keep all of your assets:

personal liability ;
Guarantee your property against accidental damage:
home embellishments, outdoor facilities, park ...;
movable property: compensation at replacement value;
art objects and collectibles: compensation depending on your contract (comprehensive value declared or agreed value all risks);
external objects: indemnified in case of fire, theft and sometimes weather events;
optional guarantees comfort:
assistance in case of disaster;
Legal protection of your privacy (supports legal costs ...)
legal advice.
Home insurance: compare quotes

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By what happens renovating your porch?

By what happens renovating your porch?
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By Comprendrechoisir |
Depending on how you use your conservatory as well as how often you use it, the work can be undertaken to add, change or remove items.

This involves simply replacing worn with time (hardware, gaskets ...) and glazing elements. However, you can also undertake greater importance as installing blinds or shutters.

Here are some tips to help you best in remodeling your porch.

Practical Guide to conservatory

Step One: Review your porch annually
Before considering work in your conservatory, it is important to ensure the smooth operation each year and condition of your equipment. From simple cleaning to replacing parts, it should be paid to the proper functioning of all your items.

Cleaning your conservatory
Dust the vents (air conditioning, ventilation).
Swab rails and rebates to ensure the smooth operation of doors.
Clean water discharges and pressure equalization.
Empty frames and gutters to the end of winter and after a big storm to avoid engorgement.
Checking your facilities
Check all hardware parts and lubricate as necessary with a suitable product.
Check the condition and tightness of joints around windows.
Review the status of your shutters, blinds and other electrical appliances.
Replace damaged parts.
Clean a gutter

Small items to change
Mere use, poor maintenance of your facilities or weather conditions can accelerate the wear and tear process.

This is most often:

wheels and ball bearings sliding windows ;
skins, handles, locks and hinges door;
of all the nuts and bolts of your facilities.
They must be replaced quickly when heavily worn or damaged to prevent rust or grinding of your parts. If they only squeak due to repeated movements, lubrication will be enough.

Important: be sure to request extra set your supplier when installing your conservatory. Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to find the proper replacement parts after a few years.

Similarly, the joints and in particular those of the roof may require to be changed. This is due, among other things, external exposure and climatic conditions. It is important to be careful with the joints of your porch as they play a key role in thermal insulation .

If the model still exists, a professional replace them easily.
If the model does not exist, it is possible to ensure even a seal with silicone. However, it should call a professional, or you risk big heat loss over the long term.
Practical guide to the isolation

Replacement windows from the porch
The windows are an important step if you are considering remodeling your porch.

Polycarbonate resists shocks, but may need to be replaced in case of impact or damage.
Glass ages better, but is much heavier than polycarbonate. So it is best not to glass if you have a wood frame able to support it.
In either case, a professional may replace the damaged parts of the glazing.

Important: changing your windows is not to be taken lightly as it will be instrumental in insulating your conservatory.

Practical Guide to window

Renovations larger
In the long term, a conservatory may require major renovation operations. They especially when considering your conservatory has a poor thermal insulation, insufficient ventilation or to improve the comfort of your space.

Before starting your work, it is appropriate to make an assessment by a specialist. You can establish quotes several experts to have several proposals.

After a review of renovations to make a vérandaliste can offer you:

installing sandwich panels instead of polycarbonate roofing to improve the thermal and acoustic comfort;
install additional vents or sophisticated;
ask interior or exterior blinds or shutters.
Practical Guide blinds

You want more information about installing or renovating your home?

Visit our factsheets Take the steps to installing a roller shutter and Fit an electric motorized roller shutter .
How to maintain your locks?
Download our fact sheet Ask insulation joints windows .

Establish an insurance quote house is also a useful approach indispensable to any owner of property who wish to protect it wisely. Home insurance quotes are intended above all to know, more or less accurately, the amount of any subscription adapted to each particular case.

Why build a home insurance quote?
The quote of home insurance is a necessary step before signing the insurance contract. In general, there is a detailed assessment of the current situation and the risks of natural or accidental damage. The insurance of homes of different sizes and functions is one of the most common sales and richest clause. Insurers have indeed adapted to changing habits and lifestyles in order to deal more quickly and effectively the various reimbursements imposed by the purchase of this insurance. Due consideration needs coverage is already a home insurance quote in itself although expert advice is always welcome. Most major insurance companies and send experts in the field they are studying for a precisely rates immediate risks and long-term. criteria considered are many and directly influence the guarantees which shall thereafter be taken. While some individuals prefer to first seek the advice of an expert in the knowledge of the premises for commercial use or responding to risky real estate profiles have to be inspected by an expert working for the insurer sought. This approach is one way or another interesting insofar as comments from two experts are better than no dialogue at all.

Tenant or owner, you're never quite safe from the unexpected. The home insurance guarantees the safety of occupants and covers any damage to goods carried.

What is home insurance?
Better known by the acronym HRM, home insurance means coverage that addresses the occupants of a residence and property found therein. This type of insurance is not required when one owns the residence. The insurance policy is still highly recommended as an incident can happen quickly. In addition, all tenants are forced to subscribe to it. The terms of such insurance cover two categories of possible risks. First, they protect the property belonging to persons occupying the residence in question, various contingencies. Theft, damage by fire, water damage are just some examples of incidents where coverage can help. On the other hand, home insurance is an accessible remedy, if any damage is caused to third parties by the members of the family occupying the dwelling.
Specific conditions determine the context in which the coverage of the policy actually takes effect. We must refer to each item in the contract, in order to know precisely. Theft is defined, for example, by the finding of a breach, while residents have taken all necessary steps to protect themselves. The goods covered disappeared or have simply been destroyed, the insured is entitled to a refund, providing the required evidence.

The comprehensive home insurance practice
The terms of a home insurance include other inputs than those specified above. Their presence in terms of the policy is required by law.
Thus, the contract must provide coverage for all that damage caused by snow, storm and hail. Events classified natural disasters by the ministry concerned should be recoverable by the insured, if the goods are damaged in. It's the same technological disasters. It makes sense to fully understand the procedures of home insurance, in addition to the risks covered, if one purchased. It should, for example, to know exactly how it is covered. This amount varies depending on the valuation of property to be protected, to be made ​​by the assured future. To do this, it is clear that high precision is required, to avoid paying too much or contributions to be under-compensated.
Regarding compensation, a specific approach will be initiated, if the hedged risk actually occurs. For starters, this is to say that it was the victim of a sinister car or home. It is useful to check the maximum maturity to make that first step. This usually ranges from 48 hours for the flight and 5 days for other cases.
Parallel and within 15 to 30 days after the claim, the insured must have estimated the amount of damage and sent the results to the ' insurer . All other material deemed useful accompany this condition. The claims process is initiated if the insured accepts the proposed by the provider, following expert advice amount. The franchise remains the responsibility of the customer, who must be notified when signing his contract.

To protect themselves against the unexpected related to the occupation of his house, household insurance is a very safe cover. It should nevertheless understand its holding for maximum enjoyment.

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