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HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE: Definition, Benefits, Rates, Companies?


The home insurance is a hedging contract that should interest anyone occupying premises as residence. Resident and homeowner earn much to have this kind of protection, if unforeseen circumstances.

A home insurance against what risks?
As its name suggests, house insurance covers a dwelling. Regardless of the status of the person who lives there - homeowner or renter - it consisteà build capital, which will allow compensation for it incase of damage. Engaged with a provider of insurance, the contract should clearly state all the risks covered and reimbursed.
Additionally, a home insurance policy will inform both parties about the requirements for compensation to take effect and the expected rate for this refund. In general, most insurers offer cover a number of risks, including the assumption is imposed by law.

These risks include mandatory to cover claims related to water, fire, weather and the technological disasters.
Guarantee breakage is frequently found in the clauses of this type of insurance. It allows the insured to receive compensation when the windows, doors or panels separating break after an accident.
It is useful to take stock of the security natural disaster, proposed under the same ease. The term includes damage caused by a tidal wave or a mudslide, earthquake or flood, stressing that only the incidents classified as such by a ministerial decree recognized by insurers.

Claim compensation under house insurance
If any of the risks covered by the policy of home insurance that was contracted occurs, the insurer must take responsibility. That said, the compensation process itself will be launched first on the side of the insured, which is required to inform the service provider.
Notice of claim is made ​​within a specified time. Specified in the terms of the contract, this deadline must be strictly followed to avoid losing his right. It takes between 2 and 5 days, depending on the type of injury that you are a victim. Once the insurer informed, it is expected to rapidly deploy resources to deal with the immediate needs.

In the event of a fire, for example, it may be for him to help the insured to quickly find temporary shelter. As a bonus, an expert on the extent of the damage will be done in a relatively short period of time.

For the approach can quickly lead, it is advisable for the insured to have available all supporting documents that may be required. A refund will then be proposed to the signer of a home insurance, taking into account the deductible on the policy.
If anything, the proposed amount seems too low to the eyes of the insured is entitled to claim to be advertised a second expert. It is not enough that recall the definition of the risks covered by insurance involves a number of circumstances involved. To not end up with a big disappointment, we must peel each leaf of the contract and seek clarification on any gray areas before signing.

Guard against the danger is an offense under the common sense. The housing is part insurance coverage that may one day make a difference, even if it is not mandatory.

The property owners have a duty to protect to be in order vis-à-vis the law. The habitat includes insurance within its remit many clauses to optimize reimbursement for various expenses related to housing and people moving in its environment.

Various forms of habitat insurance contract
If the classic habitat policy covers many common safeguards for other mandatory subscriptions such as civil liability, compensation for damage or mobile and immobile property, it is nevertheless characterized by three specific formulas.

To establish a comprehensive document of home insurance , it is important as much for the owner and for the insurer to take into account the specific characteristics of the dwelling in question.
formulas all risks are most advantageous for guarantee support whatever risks well. One also has the extended formula, which is designed to support current repayments partial or total deterioration of the property, in addition to other structures connected with the property such as fences, porches, basements and more.
The simplest formula is still the basic formula containing customary terms of depreciation expense for the house itself and the property therein. These choices are usually accompanied by the provision of liability for accidents caused by defects in such constructions. Habitat insurance serves to protect not only the house but also the people who live there, whether tenants or owners themselves.

Specific criteria for habitat insurance
To determine the amount of a settlement, the insurer is based on many details to provide a perfect idea of ​​the risks.

Set the amount of deductible or deductible is the first duty of the insurer. Via this, it determines the amount of reserve funds to invest if any claim occurs. Plus the amount of the deductible, the lower the contribution of the insurance settlement will be.
Loan payments are generally equivalent to the rate of risk assessed. The more specific clauses relating to the inventory, the higher insurance cost dear. Safety features are also taken into account, defining the same time the risk of the dwelling to be degraded. The choice of installing an alarm or other means of security in housing usually reduces the amount of insurance.
, the insurer shall thereafter account the location of housing and its environment. Clearly, while a house in or near an area at risk of river may rise in flood will be provided for a very expensive amount. Theft statistics, natural disasters or insecurity rates are taken into account when considering the amount of insurance.

If certain criteria severely handicap homeowners, others can help. The housing situation near a police station reducing the rate of vandalism and insecurity, the habitat value insurance may be reduced. Similarly, the presence of a fire hydrant or other fire device gives the benefit to the owners.

In both necessary and beneficial to property owners, home insurance offers peace of mind about the safety of the investment. Despite well-defined criteria to qualify for an insurance policy, it is now possible to find many options to suit all.

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Assess its property for its home insurance

Assess its property for its home insurance
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By Comprendrechoisir |
By properly evaluating your assets to calculate your premium for homeowners insurance, make sure you pay the right price. If you have overvalued your property, do a rebalancing; by 60 million consumers, so you can save between 15 and 30 € on the amount of the premium. The home insurance rose in 2011, so it is particularly interesting to save to offset this increase.

The difficulties of assessing property
The difficulty of assessing the value of your property is estimating their recovery or depreciation. Indeed, the usual price (replacement value less obsolescence) of certain goods is decreasing year on year. Unlike other assets do not lose value, in which case it is necessary to maintain or increase the price.

Tips to assess your property
Start by identifying your belongings room by room to not forget anything. Then ask yourself what are the things that may not go down in value over time. For art objects, you can use a specialist to evaluate them, or take out a specific insurance. Indeed, this type of property do not always get a full refund.

To ensure proper and timely reimbursement, it is advisable to:

perform a thorough inventory of your belongings
to photograph your valuables,
keep bills appliances.
The trend is overvalued property
60 million consumers find that this statement is often overstated. In reviewing this statement down, so you can earn several tens of euros on the premium of your home insurance .

The risks of overvaluation and undervaluation
It is for you to declare the value of your property, the insurer will also take into account in calculating the premium. If you overestimate the value of your property, your insurance premium will be higher, and you'll pay more. Moreover, an overvalued your property can be viewed as a insurance fraud in order to get rich; Your contract may then be canceled and no compensation will be paid. Anyway, compensation of home insurance will never be greater than the actual value of your assets.

But you will not find either more to underestimate the value of your property, because then you will pay a portion of the damages.

Other tips to save on home insurance
, You can do the work of securing your home that will reduce all your premium: alarm system, smoke detector, etc.

If you do not have much money problems, you may request an increase in the amount of the deductible, to protect you from any increase following any disaster.

Life insurance: Life Generation Euro growth and coming to market

By Comprendrechoisir
on 09/09/2014 at 6:39 p.m.
Life insurance: Life Generation Euro growth and coming to market
The arrival of new funds "Euro growth" and contracts "Life Generation" in the market for life insurance is imminent. Decrees for their application were recently published in the Official Journal.

With the publication in the OJ which amends the Insurance Code, insurers can market "Euro growth" and "Life Generation." The "Life Generation" contract allows the purchaser to benefit from a 20% reduction in transmission, in addition to the standard deduction of 152,500 euros. To enjoy it, you have to invest at least a third of contract funds in SMEs, ETI (midsize) or in companies in the social and solidarity economy (SSE).

Between euro funds and unit-linked
This proportion must be respected in the payment of the first premium and at each financial transaction (arbitrage between units of account, or partial redemption payment).

Basics of life insurance

Life insurance "Euro growth" is mid-way between the euro funds and units of account, it allows you to benefit from a guarantee of capital invested if there is at least eight years, with a view to better profitability. Moreover, the "Euros growth" funds can coexist within the same life insurance policy with euro funds and unit-linked account.

Calculate the tax on life insurance received in succession

These new contracts "Euro growth" benefit the opening of maintaining the tax anticipation for bonuses from old contracts if the following three conditions are met:

transformation results in the conversion of at least 10% of commitments in euros or currency;
If within six months preceding the conversion to euro-fund growth, a transfer took place in favor of rights expressed in units of account resulting in the creation of a provision of diversification, only commitments in euros or currency may be remaining in the conversion;
processing takes place before 1 January 2016.

tudent Housing: The state will pay the tenancy deposit

By Comprendrechoisir
on 09/08/2014 at 7:17 p.m.
Student Housing: The state will pay the tenancy deposit
This is a new measure of the state that has decided to guarantee all tenancy deposit of students. A significant boost for young people who need shelter before the academic year.

That will relieve some few students whose return is expected mostly in early October. All students can qualify for a rent deposit paid by the state to facilitate access to housing. This was announced on September 8 the Secretary of State for Higher Education Genevieve Fioraso.

With a ceiling depending on the region and Paris
This new device called "KEY" allows students under 28 to benefit from a government guarantee and be exempt from paying the deposit. The owner, in the event of default, is assured to be compensated by a Guarantee Fund.

The student housing allocation

This "KEY" is: "generalized to all students who are not guarantors, whatever their income, marital status, nationality," said Ms. Fioraso to the press. "The difficulty of access to housing should not be a barrier to further education and student success " , continued the Secretary of State.

Student roommate

The conditions under which this "KEY" require that the rent is "capped at 500 euros for a single person in the country, 600 euros in the Ile-de-France and 700 euros in Paris." "For couples, the ceiling will be increased by 60%," clarified the Ministry of Higher Education. In return, students will benefit from the "KEY" pay equivalent to 1.5% of the rental fee.

This system is funded and the Deposit (600,000 euros) and regions (100 000 euros).

Declaration of a disaster home insurance
Reminder: In case of fire, call the emergency services (18), in case of theft, call the authorities (17).

You have to declare a disaster in your home theft, accident, water damage, fire ...? You need to know some rules for your insurance compensates you.

Find your home insurance

Notice of Claim: attention to deadlines
Home Insurance - Notice of Claim
Disaster, first call your insurer to notify and seek advice if necessary. If the insurer you communicate in real time reference "sinister", your statement is recorded in its computer databases. The concept of deadline for reporting is no longer needed to be. Following the "formalities" will be part of time management.
Then you have the legal deadline for officially informing by mail: accident report (water damage) or recommended relating the circumstances and damage letter:
5 days or less from the time you became aware;
Maximum of 10 days in case of natural disaster;
Maximum two days in case of theft.
Also note that more and more insurers allow you to report your claims directly from their website. Your statement is saved when you reported via the dedicated page on the website of the insurer topic.

Warning : If you do not follow these deadlines, your insurer may well decide not to cover you. In reality (jurisprudence), the insurer may oppose the withdrawal of cover if the delay has caused him financial loss (aggravation of the disaster).

Report a Claim

Send mail from insurance claim
Send your mail on time delivery with proof of receipt.
In your letter:
Attach all supporting to estimate the damage suffered: repair estimate (or non repairable), photos, description of the damaged property, testimony from neighbors, invoices, estimates ...
In case of theft: also attach a complaint made to the police or gendarmerie.
Letter from insurance claim

What to do while waiting for the expertise of home insurance?
The wait times are sometimes long before a expert is appointed, pushing the reimbursement of repairs.

If the repairs are urgent , you may intervene or bring in a specialist, but remember to keep apart the damaged property. In terms of water damage, the only emergency repair the water leak ... In terms of storms, precautionary measures should be taken to avoid aggravating the disaster (tarp roof for example).

If the repairs are not urgent , wait for the passage of the expert who will assess the extent of damage.

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