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LIABILITY INSURANCE: Definition, Benefits, Rates, Companies?


If you are responsible in law or in fact a business, your liability may be invoked by victims. A business leader must be covered by liability insurance, which could result in compensation to others.

Initially, you should check if you might be liable, and if that is the case you've got to sign a contract for civil protection. It should contain as essential continuity of compensation after you leave the company and after your death clauses.

It is also important to take out legal protection guaranteed to keep you out of defense costs.

Here's how to take out liability insurance company executive .

Note: if it is society itself that acquires the contract for its leaders, they must ensure that all clauses are present.

To learn more, visit the Civil Liability leader of our RC pro

1. Check your insurance needs
2. Verify that the contract will cover you after your departure
3. Verify that the insurance will be passed
4. Ensure that the policy will cover you in case of buyout
5. Subscribe guarantee legal protection
Check your insurance needs TOP

If you have decision-making authority within your business, you need to purchase liability insurance.
If you are officially appointed to a position of responsibility, then you are de jure and can be held responsible for damage to others.
If you are not officially leader, but are taking it functions during certain events, you are de facto manager . You could also be liable for damages suffered by third parties.
Note: Liability covers the business only for acts committed during the exercise of his functions leader.

Make sure the contract will cover you after your departure TOP

Liability insurance for business executive must also cover interested after they left the company.
Their departure has followed a resignation, dismissal or retirement, the insurance contract must provide them with assistance even when their liability is asserted when they are no longer part of the company .
Check if the insurance contract purchased by your company includes a clause that allows you to receive benefits indefinitely.
Example: an ecological association may file a complaint against a company for environmental damage, following an action which occurred 20 years ago. The company involved will then turn to the director at the time, now retired. If the insurance contract liability leader of the time allows, it will then trigger insurance.
Make sure the insurance will be passed TOP

Where the liability of a business leader is questioned after his death, the other party might turn to his heirs.
Take your insurance policy, and looking ahead a clause allowing your heirs to invoke the insurer after your death.
Make sure that the policy will cover you in case of buyout TOP

If the company you work for is one day purchased by another, the new owner could invoke your responsibility for past events.
Look at your contract liability, a clause that guarantees you will also help in case of acquisition by another company.
Subscribe guarantee legal protection TOP

Legal protection benefit will cover your defense costs beyond a certain deductible and a ceiling. To choose this option, see more contracts and compare:
the amount of the deductible;
expenses included in the compensation (it should at least be attorney fees);
the compensation limit (plus your financial responsibility may be, the higher the cost of your defense can number up).
Good to know: legal protection option can subscribe with personal liability company executive.

Cross Liability

Through this coverage for claims arising from the insured property damages suffered by employees of Contractors and Subcontractors of the insured are guaranteed.

By RC Crusade guarantee the condition of third civilly liable to each other, for each and every one of the contractors and subcontractors involved in the same execution of work set

RC Crusade
According to general and specific conditions of each policy

Example of loss

  • The promoter of the work receives claim for personal injury suffered by an employee of a company A subcontracted, and to have been caused by another company B also had the subcontracts. The injured party sued the company A (RC Employers) Company B (RC Crusade) and the Promoter (RC Crusade), must all go to court. - A company manufacturing, maintenance and installation of elevators, installation subcontracts of its machinery to a standalone installer. Performing the tasks assigned, the operator experiences a fall serious injuries occur. Coverage that protects the insured in the event of conviction for any responsibility will be to RC Crusade, and the injured claim your contractor default security measures necessary to commissioned work.

The Cross Liability covers contractual responsibilities as may be claimed for personal injury caused to the rest of the participants in the works in which it participates

Liability Real Estate / leasable

Understood as that for the insured resulting from the ownership or lease of the building in which the activity occurs.

Liability Real Estate , defined as the derivative of:
. a) ownership or use of buildings and land
b) Undertaking maintenance works or renovation of the building (to the sum stipulated in each policy.)

Liability Leaseable , meaning that for the Insured which may arise from their status as tenant of the building in which the activity takes place, compared to the same owner, provided that said building damage directly resulting from:
a) Fire
b) Explosion.
c) Action of water.

Property-Liability Leaseable
According to general and specific conditions of each policy

Example of loss

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