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Matching dog owner liability insurance for their own four-legged complete!

Protect your dogs and primarily your own purse from the effects of damage. Causes your dog to property, personal injury or property damage, as dog owners are always in the obligation to pay compensation. Especially with a personal injury can, however, go into the money properly. Therefore, make sure early on with a good dog owner liability insurance before. The liability insurance for dogs will cost you no immense sums. From about 40 to 50 euros, you can insure your dog already good and cheap.

Cheap insurance - the best protection for your dogs!

An optimal dog owner liability insurance may well also be a cheap insurance. Meanwhile, many insurance companies offer to a liability for dog owners, so you can choose the best and cheapest insurance for your dog from a great selection. The easiest way to be online with the appropriate insurance comparison for the dog owner liability find the best and cheapest dog liability for dog owners. Here you have the possibility, for free, without obligation and to objectively compare the various dog liability insurance holders. You need to enter into the insurance calculator for the dog owner liability insurance, the number of insured dogs and the computer calculates directly a great overview of the available liability insurance for dogs.

The cheapest dog owners liability is always high on the list and the most expensive dog owner liability insurance you can find thus at the end of the survey. You can now select multiple policies directly and display the most important performance details in a clear table at a glance. In this way, not only can you easily compare the different prices of the dog owner liability insurance, but also the scope of services offered. Make sure here that the insurance protection match your requirements for liability insurance for dog owners. So you can, for example, as a holder of a hunting dog that assure the appropriate liability insurance during the hunt.

Maybe you want to participate in future sled race with your dog? In this case, a dog liability is reasonable assured the holder and dog even in a sled race. Thanks to smart and independent insurance comparison, you will certainly determine exactly the right dog owner liability insurance for your individual needs. You are welcome to complete the found best insurance for your dog immediately online.

Dog owners can take out cheap liability insurance for dogs online!

Do you have the insurance comparison dog owners find the right insurance at an affordable price, the insurance contract can immediately conclude online. Select it in only the relevant insurance and access with a mouse click to the insurance application. Enter here only your personal data and send it with the application for insurance with another click at the desired insurers. Of course, your personal data secure at all times and will be treated confidentially.

You usually get within a short time even the confirmation of insurance of your new dog owner liability insurance sent by email. Lets you take your dog owner liability insurance easily online and can rely on the desired coverage at an affordable price. Since it is really so easy to find liability insurance by insurance comparison a good and cheap dog owners and complete online, it really is worth annually to compare their own insurance for dogs with the current dog owner liability insurance.

My dog ​​owners liability insurance compare each year with current insurance!

Would you like to permanently save as holder with the liability insurance for dogs and enjoy the best insurance protection, you should easily compare your annual insurance policy with the current liability insurance for dog owners. In this way, you may notice a few minutes, whether now better and cheaper dogs liability is available. Should the be so, just as you normally complete the new online insurance for your dog. Wait for the confirmation of insurance and then cancel your old dog owner liability insurance.

Remember that you are on the notice for your dog liability insurance maintained. There is usually at the dog liability a notice period of three months to the end of the contract. The exact date is given but always in your insurance documents. Before the notice period expires, you may use the suggested insurance comparison and review current dog owner liability insurance in terms of price and performance range. Once you discover a better and cheaper insurance, you simply switch providers.

The cancellation of your old dog owner liability insurance, you should of course make not only timely, but also in writing. You can not cancel by telephone or email an insurance normally. The insurance company requires a termination with your handwritten original signature. Therefore best to use a registered mail from the post office. At the same time you get a shipping document that you should keep, if your old insurer assumes you have not complied with the notice.

The receipt from the post office serves in such a case as evidence. In general, you are however without any problems dog owners compare each year liability insurance and can change providers. So take advantage of this annual opportunity to save one or two Euro with a better dog owner liability insurance. With a minimum amount of time you can save for the coming year as a maximum with an inexpensive dog owner liability insurance!

If trips are not only rare events, but several times held in the year, the "Annual Travel Insurance" prove, as defined by the European travel insurance already for individuals and large companies, and now as a new product for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and whose employees are offered.

Every 50th Travellers suffer a loss event, only an estimated 15 percent of individual and business trips are properly insured.

All year travel insurance is available in the variants "Plus" and "Standard", with cancellation and / or travel insurance (trip interruption, delay protection, luggage, search and rescue costs, medical treatment abroad, repatriation and assistance abroad). Insured are each the first 42 days of any trip or any trip within a year. A worldwide emergency assistance is guaranteed by a 24-hour emergency call option.


In the new year travel insurance for individuals, there are no deductibles and age limits. The insurance cover can be individually extended with additional packages. Once completed, there is automatic coverage from leaving the residence. The Plus packages offer additional benefits, such as higher insurance premiums and replacement value coverage for baggage loss or damage. In the year travel insurance with cancellation cover the cancellation costs are covered when not going on a trip, in the Plus version with additional extended cancellation reasons. The annual premium amount depending on the version (Standard or Plus) 70 EUR / 90 EUR without cancellation protection and 230 EUR / 320 EUR with cancellation cover for retail tariff. Attractive prizes will be for families (two adults and their children - including adopted and foster children), this is 140 EUR / 180 EUR and 260 EUR / 360 EUR.

For businesses, the year travel insurance has a special weight: Due to the labor law "duty of care" a far-reaching liability meets the employer legally practically everything happens to the employee on a business trip, not only in his professional activities, but also during leisure activities. If the luggage is stolen or damaged during the mission, the employer is liable, as in a serious accident with a stay at an expensive private hospital and transport back to the ambulance. That in such cases insurance covers the slightly growing in the five-digit euro range costs, therefore, lies not only in the interests of the service user, but at least the same extent in that of the employer.

The new business Travel Insurance

The new year business travel insurance the European therefore focuses specifically on the field of SMEs. Of the approximately 250,000 establishments in Austria, 97% less than 50 employees, working with them 1.3 million or 42% of the approximately 3 million employees.

In the year business travel insurance, insurance for occupational luggage is included as well as medical benefits in case of damages as a result of work-related manual activities. With this product as higher insurance premiums and a replacement value coverage for baggage loss or damage are provided in the Plus version. It is possible to select whether individual, unnamed employee (max. Seven persons) or all employees of the company (max 60 people., Max. 750 travel days) should be insured.

The annual premiums are staggered: For companies with up to seven individually notified employees it is 125 EUR per person for larger farms the annual lump sum payment is based on the number of employees and the number of travel days: 400 EUR for up to ten employees and a maximum of 125 days of travel ranges this to 2,100 EUR for a maximum of 60 employees and a maximum of 750 travel days. A key advantage is the simple handling, it is only a contract for all employees without attribution necessary registration of the individual travel is not necessary. (Red)

Dread Disease Insurance
The Dread Disease Insurance (roughly translates to " insurance against dreaded diseases ", also:" Heavy-disease-prevention "or" critical illness ") is a personal insurance , their performance upon the occurrence of (strictly defined) serious illness of the insured person will be paid (eg. example cancer ).

Origin / History
Insured risks
Rating factors
Demarcation from other similar insurance
Tax treatment
Benefit / criticism
Origin / History Edit

The first dread disease insurance in 1983 in South Africa by Marius Barnard , a heart surgeon , developed and spread from there over the Anglo-American world from [1] .

In Germany the insurance form is authorized for distribution only since 1993 and a few insurance companies offered.

Insured risks Edit

The German name Heavy-disease-prevention is somewhat misleading, as this insurance not only diseases in the strict sense (such as. B. serious forms of cancer , multiple sclerosis , liver disease , lung disease , Parkinson's disease , arthritis , etc.) are insured, but also other events such as heart attack , stroke or major accidents in the coverage of such a policy can be included. The number, type and insurance-related definition of insured risks varies widely among insurers.

Rating factors Edit

The amount of the fee is due for insurance contracts with biometric risks usual factors (eg., Age, sex, insured amount, term or pre-existing conditions). Pre-Existing conditions as for health insurance for. As a supplement, the exclusion or rejection cause. In the design of the other rating factors (waiting and waiting periods, dynamics) the insurance and the health insurance is life insurance similar.

With some dread disease insurance blocks also are such. B. Whole life, disability, long-term care and disability protection enclosable.

A possible operational use is the use of a dread disease insurance as so-called " key employee insurance "(also:" Keyman Police "called). Here, executives or specialists of a company are insured to compensate for any financial loss of the company in case of failure. In this constellation, the company and the policyholder "Keyperson" the insured person. In the power case, the insurance sum, therefore, flows to the company.

Demarcation from other similar insurance Editing

In contrast to a disability insurance or disability insurance no monthly pension is paid, but usually a fixed agreed sum insured once after diagnosis , regardless of whether the work force of the insured person is restricted or not.

Tax treatment Edit

A dread disease insurance in the context of pension costs in Germany may be deductible, provided that the maximum contributions are not already exhausted by z. B. Social security contributions. The payment of the insured sum is tax-free for private individuals in Germany; in companies (see above: Keyman insurance) apply such insurance as business income. The contributions can thus be positioned as business expenses.

Benefit / criticism Edit

An advantage of the dread disease insurance is that the examination of the insured event is easier and less time consuming than the disability insurance because different performance conditions are fulfilled. [2]

It is often discussed whether the dread disease insurance can be a substitute for disability insurance. In this discussion, the so-called clerical duties to include, since significantly less disability than is to be found in craft occupations. As these two forms of labor protection while in the power spectrum have overlap, but cover fundamentally different power cases, the individual situation of the person to be insured is always taken into account. The Confederation of the insured and the Consumer Rheinland-Pfalz advise you not to do without a disability insurance benefit of a dread disease insurance, but they must be considered at best as a supplement to disability insurance. [3] In support is said that the dread disease orthopedic and psychological suffering leistungstechnisch hardly detected, but it is often dealing here with the main causes that lead to the loss of manpower.

For people, for the completion of an occupational disability insurance but possible is not, or not without exclusion (often the case when in the recent past psychological or psychotherapeutic consultations were used), the dread disease insurance, on the other hand be a valuable alternative as current or past for a final psychological discomfort usually without consequences in the risk assessment are.

A fire insurance essentially replaced by a fire caused damage under their insurance conditions . It can be here on movables, real estate and the fire business interruption insurance also insure yield losses. In addition, the insurance covers the reimbursement of a number of costs such as cleanup and demolition costs.

In Germany and Austria is a percentage of the insurance premium as a fire protection tax levied. This is to fund the fire services used. The current fire protection tax in Germany is 8.8% of the insurance premium and is already included in the general tax for fire insurance of 13.2%.

Special industrial fire insurance
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History Edit

The oldest according to information provided insurance in the world is represented by the Council in Hamburg , founded in 1676 in Hamburg Feuerkasse , based on the conclusion of the Hamburger "fire-contract" of 1591 by Hamburger breweries. Almost as old is the "Tiegenhöfer fire order" of 1623 It was of Mennonite launched in Great Werder near Gdansk and is based on the Christian idea of mutual help in an emergency.

In the past, the fire insurance was compulsory insurance. This duty was abolished in Germany. In Kassel, there is still a fire insurance fund which is attached to an insurance since the late nineties, the local savings bank.

The fire insurance has now lost its status as major insurance division to the life and car insurance. Especially after the end of the monopoly insurance companies and the prevailing in some states insurance compulsory fire insurance has lost its meaning.

By the beginning of the millennium also damage caused by terrorism in the fire insurance were included. Due to the events of September 11, 2001, all insurers but this risk excluded from the contracts at short notice. Meanwhile let terrorism damage by the special purpose and publicly supported Extremus Insurance AG secure. However, this applies only to companies for private individuals persists lack security option.

Basics Edit

Fire insurance is intended primarily for the replacement of fire damage. While the fire insurance is not usually offered in pure form in the retail business, it is published by the Association of the Insurance Industry General Conditions for fire insurance (AFB) for the commercial and industrial sectors. Since 1994, the insurance market is not regulated and insurance conditions are not subject to more content control, insurers can also develop your own condition works. In practice, the AFB play (especially in the version AFB 87) a dominant role.

The definition of fire damage is thus in most insurance contracts and uniform as follows:

"Fire is a fire that is created without proper stove or has left it, and is able to spread on their own."

A fire is a combustion process with Light Effect. The light phenomenon is already a glimmer or glow. A combustion process occurs according to the prevailing opinion only on the supply of oxygen . In particular, in the industry , however, can prevail, other atmospheres, in which a combustion process can occur in vessels and boilers. Therefore located in the corresponding insurance contracts often further formulations.

From the above definition can be derived in particular, which damages shall not include:

Scorch damage (eg. example by a cigarette) because the fire has not abandoned its intended cooker and could not spread on its own.
Fermentation losses in agriculture, because there is no light appearance and the four processes usually due to lack of oxygen supply
In practice, a so-called operating loss is often deducted from the compensation for fire damage. For example, if a fire occurs due to a technical defect in a television or a machine, the previous fault is not insured loss. The subsequent fire destroyed only a worthless / useless defective object and thus does not cause any further damage more.

The fire insurance covers not only fire damage but also

Lightning (both direct lightning strike and atmospherically induced overvoltage)
Explosion (and often implosion)
Crash or crash of aircraft, its parts or its load
and is therefore much more extensive than in the early days. In particular in the insurance industry is often due to the first letter of the FLEXA dangers spoken (Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft). The fire hazards can be used for commercial and industrial customers to a variety of clauses extend, for example, the intended adverse outlet glowing liquid melt compositions (eg. Example in a steel mill) or Nutzwärmeschäden (damage to items that are exposed to appropriate high heat). Also, the aforementioned operating loss can be insured within certain limits.

Also damage caused by arson caused, will be replaced by the fire insurance. If an offender can be determined, the insurer is that after the regulation in recourse to take. A self-arson by the insured is not included as it then is insurance fraud. At a loss due to rejection of arson strict burdens of proof are established, the insurer must carry a full proof that the policyholder (or a person in charge) is responsible for the arson.

Pure fire insurance contracts are rarely encountered in practice, in general, the risk of fire to other blocks (eg., Tap water or storm / hail) is combined into one contract. Due to the high damage potential fire insurance but is determinative of the insurance premium .

Special industrial fire insurance Editing

In the insurance industry the premium is for the fire insurance (in parts per thousand of sum insured) by a so-called classification, often as part of a fire safety inspection, determined. Key factors are the mode of structural fire protection (eg. Example fire walls) and the defensive fire protection (eg. B. sprinkler systems). For the calculation has overall association of the German insurance industry issued a number of collective books, most recently in the 1990s. It incorporates statistics are the member companies to a variety of fire damage. The last published tariff T96 is still in use, since there is no market-wide statistics for the fire hazard of individual modes are available and can not create a reliable actuarial calculations many smaller insurers due to lack of data / claims experience. The disadvantage of this practice is the fact that the data contained in the tariff based on the technical state of the 1990s and reflect no new risk potentials more. In addition, in recent years various industries (eg. B. Meat processing, paper manufacturing) have significantly more damage suffered as previously thought. The rate of GDV is therefore no longer be assessed in some areas as a useful basis for calculation.

In the context of industrial fire insurance is the concept of Probable Maximum Loss (PML) to see. This is the likely maximum damage in a fire event when all fire defense measures (eg. B. sprinkler system) should and some structural fire protection measures fail. Are not considered cases of arson and disaster scenarios, such as plane crashes . The PML is an essential parameter for insurers and has a significant influence on the drawing ready. While large corporations with many different sites have extremely high sums insured (regularly billion range), the risk for the individual loss is significantly lower, because only one site is affected. The PML is an important criterion in the transfer of risk to a reinsurer.

To prevent the increased risk of fire compared to private risk are related to industrial fire insurance contracts are generally further obligations . In case of violation of these requirements, the insurer may exempt in case of damage on the power or be entitled to the reduction. The relevant provisions are found in the Insurance Contract Act or individual contractual agreements. An essential requirement is for example the revision of electrical installations by a VdS-recognized expert on an annual basis. Since about 30% of all fire damage in the commercial / industrial sector arise from defective electrical equipment, maintain the property and casualty insurers, the professional association / regulatory review requirements (eg. B. BGV A3) is not sufficient. The examination by a VdS-recognized experts is much more extensive and often covers a variety of shortcomings, which are not revealed to other test methods. Due to the additional costs incurred denied in practice a number of companies in the VdS revision, jeopardized, however, to a considerable extent the insurance coverage.

Also frequently encountered are the general safety of fire insurance for factories and industrial plants . This must be posted in the insured company and to oblige the employee to your compliance. The safety cover 10 points such as how to deal with fire barriers (fire doors) or hot work.

Others Edit

In addition to fire insurance premiums, a free will, if necessary, usually shell fire insurance granted. This ensures construction / renovation from objects located against fire damage. This special solution is necessary as contained in the normal condition works in the building construction and components are not covered by insurance. The shell fire insurance premiums is freely granted in the rule, if the object to be created is then included in the insurance contract.
The fire insurance companies and the German insurance industry overall conduct extensive studies and tests to avoid fire damage. By the VdS GmbH is published on the topic of fire protection, among other things, a variety of guidelines and essays. These are used by the most active in Germany Insurance as a basis for risk assessment and in particular for industrial customers is important. Without compliance with the VdS guidelines (eg. Example embodiment of sprinkler systems) is expected to substantially higher fire insurance premiums. The guidelines of the VdS (and thus the insurance industry) are much more extensive than usually regulatory requirements, as for the insurers of the protection of property in the foreground, while government regulations focus on the protection of persons lies.

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